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ICYMI Through September 7, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 09/14/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

It’s Labor Day in America this Monday, which usually means the last party of the summer and kids get ready to go back to school. Thanks to 2020, neither may happen. On top of that, this week we get “weather whiplash“ says The Weather Channel. Denver will drop from 99 on Monday to a high of 37 on Tuesday. With snow, just to make things even more confusing. But newsbits aren’t confusing, so let’s catch up.

We keep pushing more and more smart tools to the edge to support IoT. Microsoft’s Channel 9 has a new episode for SQL users: “Azure SQL Edge: Industry Use Cases & Customer Success.

Batteries are great in many applications, but IoT devices are often used in places where changing those batteries is a giant pain. Atmosic Technologies and SMK Electronics announced a forthcoming product combining Atmosic’s M3 system-on-chip (SoC) with Controlled Energy Harvesting (no battery) into SMK devices. Look for them in Q4.

Speaking of partnerships, Lutron Electronics and Ring announced that Lutron lights can be activated by a linked Ring device. In other words, turn on lights when motion is detected, or a doorbell is pressed.

For the stock players among us, of course, there’s a batch of funds focused on 5G.

From our friends Down Under we have a good “What is IoT” overview. The unusual bit? It includes the 13 principles of the IoT Code of Practice released by the Australian Government. Need more? How about this “How to implement the IoT Code of Practice: guidance for manufacturers,” from

Tagged the nation’s first smart city environment powered by real-world infrastructure and next-generation connectivity, the City of Peachtree Corners in Georgia announced it’s working with IPgallery. Goal? A holistic view of all IoT and smart devices operated from one central control room.

Senet and Symmetry Electronics shook virtual hands to distribute components and developer tools like LoRa modules, gateways, and sensors. Those and more can now be found on Symmetry’s line card.

Here’s a viewpoint we haven’t discussed before, from the Religion News service. Wearables and internal devices turn us into the Internet of Bodies, and that can cause issues far beyond technology. Your body held hostage by ransomware? Modify our humanity somehow? The author says, “such technological power must be subjected to sober moral scrutiny and to the consent of the people.”

From our friends at

Video doorbells aren’t a new thing (see Ring above, for instance) but how about a “5 Minute Smart Doorbell” that includes facial recognition? What we need now is a link to a porch pirate database.