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ICYMI Through September 5, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 09/13/2022
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Wednesday the 7th of September is a big day for iPhone fans and other Apple faithful as leaks about the iPhone 14 reveal some, but not all, of the new hardware and software details. This entices more people to tune in and see if their feature wishes are granted or postponed. Pricing is undetermined for iPhone 14 models, but these juicy newstips are always free.

T-Mobile will connect the window-washing drones from Lucid Drone Technologies using its 4G LTE network, which is part of the T-Mobile IoT platform.

Ericsson and Tampnet have built what they claim is the largest offshore high-capacity communications network in the Gulf of Mexico, linking 50+ oil and gas rigs.

Parks Associates reports that telehealth use peaked during the pandemic lockdown, and 74% of families with children have used it. Integrators in the medical field need to help independent medical practitioners get with the program, because they’re struggling to keep up with compliance and integration issues.

Closer to home, meaning the smart home, Parks Associates describes how partnerships are extending the smart home outside the home with involvement from the insurance and automobile industries, among others.

The government of India hopes to boost the economy to the five-trillion-dollar level by 2025, and 5G and IoT will play a big part in that growth. Plus they’ll have over 900 million Internet users by then as well.

Meanwhile, Indian farmers and IT folks are becoming “agripreneurs” as smart farming tools roll out across the countryside.

Bennett University in Noida, India, discusses the 100 smart cities mission started in 2016 that will complete in 2024, including IoT and 5G rollouts. covers the partnership between Energous and e-peas on a 1W wireless power transmission evaluation kit for IoT.

Over in West Yorkshire, Great Britain, Supply Fuel Solutions is using IoT sensors to monitor fluid level in tanks, with an emphasis on fuel storage. They also offer leak monitoring.

Semtech rolled out LoRa Edge, a low power, software-defined, LoRa-based platform to support a wide variety of asset management applications.

You can go to London for the IoT Grand Slam 2022 on December 8-9, or watch the virtual IoT conference online for free. The Call for Papers is out now.

Dark Reading breaks down the increasing number of security issues in IoT and urges IT security teams to gear up.

The University of Houston may make the metaverse usable, at least for industrial projects. They teamed up with the AI Innovation Consortium to push AI, 5G, and, of course, IoT, among other metaverse tech. (NVIDIA is involved too).

The apparel and retail industries took it on the chin during the pandemic, but both are ramping up, partly thanks to IoT in expected places like the supply chain, and surprising spots like the Nike shoes that loosen shoelaces as the wearer’s feet swell during a game.

Now investors are digging into how AI and IoT work together.

Connected Real Estate Magazine outlines some issues with IoT security and ways they can be addressed for tech-savvy commercial real estate firms.

Actelis Networks will roll out IoT networks at major airports in seven countries across three continents.

From our friends at

We know about asset tracking across highways and trains, but once the asset comes inside, things get trickier. With “Indoor asset Tracking using Wi-Fi Triangulation,” things get easier.