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ICYMI through September 30, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 10/03/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

How did the first week of fall treat you? Our Montana readers may not feel the love because they’re numb from the cold and all those feet of snow dumped on them. At least they don’t have to rake leaves until the snow melts. When will someone come up with an IoT snow removal robot?

If you’re in the packaging machine business, Schneider Electric wants to tell you about its new Modicon M262 IIoT-ready controller, the TeSys Island digital load management system and the EcoStruxure Machine Expert software platform.

Ready for a new IoT network? Amazon thinks you are, or at least they’re ready. Amazon Sidewalk uses the 900 MHz range to get better distance than Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Sidewalk is part of their smart city initiatives, so linking streetlights etc. is the goal.

Of course, security is an issue. Georgia Institute of Technology researchers focused on how smart cities are open to cyberattacks.

Smart buildings are part of smart cities, right? Berlin-based rent24, a coworking operator, developed a Smart-Lock solution using a single mobile app. Details.

IoT devices often start with a sensor, and BehrTech will release its MYTHINGS Smart Sensor next month. Reference materials available now for designers.

MIT researchers designed a low-cost photovoltaic power source for RFID tags. Non-powered, RFID chips use backscatter energy from scanners to power their circuits. A little more voltage on the RFID chips opens up a world of new possibilities for them.

IoT integrators in England looking for 5G connections might check with Dense Air Partners and Spark now that they’re teaming up to deliver service.

If you’re interested in 5G networking deployments, you’ll need tools. Anritsu just introduced a pair of ultraportable spectrum analyzers for millimeter wave applications.

From the “too weird to ignore” file, here are some of the “insane quotes” from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s UN speech, including many about IoT. How did IoT get dragged into this mess?

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Need a carbon-dioxide sensor? Here’s a homemade CO2 Sensor Unit you can build.