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ICYMI Through September 3, 2018

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 09/10/2018
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Yes, Labor Day, the unofficial line in the sand between the leisurely relaxation of summer and the full-tilt seriousness of fall, is gone. Of course, neither of those thoughts are entirely accurate. But since most Americans equate Labor Day with back to school, those feelings stick. And we need something to tell baseball it’s time to start the playoffs.

Smart cities and/or governments

Helping cities and all the various departments within them start the “digital transformation” that’s so popular today is a noble goal. It appears some government leaders are making progress. If you’re in the IoT biz and want to help your city get smarter, check out FutureStructure’s “6 Organizations Making a Big Impact on Smart Cities.”

Sticking with “6” we next look at “6 IoT in Agriculture Solutions from AgTech Startups.” It’s published by Nanalyze, which focuses on educating investors about disruptive technology, a mission that started with nanotechnology. Now IoT is one of the areas covered, and agriculture ties in with government at every level, so smarter is better here, too.

A list of seven global “Smart City Trailblazers” from news site TechNative.

California just passed some bills requiring better IoT device security. One bill covers smart home devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo and the other targets devices made in California.

Is digital transformation just another term for IoT?

Don’t be afraid to jump onto the DT bandwagon with your IoT ideas, because it’s just getting started. So says SAP Ariba Chief Digital Officer Dr. Marcell Vollmer in “SAP’s Marcell Vollmer: Digital transformation taking longer than expected.”

Call it DT or IoT or the “fourth industrial revolution,” but it’s even building momentum in Rwanda.

Maybe some of the new Industry 4.0, cloud, and IoT channel partners across the Asia Pacific region being recruited by Tech Data will help out in Rwanda.

The Irish Times gloms onto our “6” motif with “Six ways the IoT can change your world of work.” Not all new, but since Ireland has become pretty tech-heavy it’s nice to know what they’re thinking.

But don’t stop the Lunch and Learns or other educational efforts, because an EU survey of 1,000 “gadget consumers” discovered 80 percent don’t actually know what IoT means. Haven’t we all become gadget consumers?

Bain & Company says, “Internet of Things market size to reach $520 billion by 2021.” Sounds like our next few Labor Days will be busy ones.