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ICYMI Through September 28, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 10/05/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

The sports world is slowly getting back to normal. Pro football started when we expected, while baseball started way late. The World Series will end in November. The Stanley Cup Playoffs may end tonight or Wednesday (go Stars!). The two NBA finalists are set (LeBron again? Of course). In tennis, Roland Garros (the French Open) moved from late May to start this week. Also moving? Newsbits we missed this week, all served up below.

Microsoft has a public preview program underway now to let you try Azure Defender for IoT for free. Includes goodies alike asset discovery, network mapping, risk and vulnerability management, and more.

Microsoft and AT&T have a new integrated IoT module built with Microsoft’s Azure Sphere IoT, including hardware, operating systems, software, and Azure cloud services. The goal of such integration is better security and ease of use. Comes from a multi-year strategic partnership the two signed in July 2019.

NCR’s Digital Connected Services (DCS) for retailers now includes Microsoft’s Azure IoT Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

The new Lorex Home Center centralizes control of Lorex indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi cameras and the new Lorex video doorbell and floodlight. Voice commands are supported, and you can stream four cameras at a time on the 7-inch screen.

Now available: the Ordr IoT Discovery Program to find shadow IoT devices so you can begin to manage them or smash them with a hammer (like the ones secretly installed by THAT user).

Analytics Insight says the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) role is shifting because of IoT. No doubt CISOs everywhere are “thrilled” at this opportunity.

What IoT product would you want to share your foxhole? Silly today, but the Air Force’s Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS) has announced its second joint onramp program. Offers from $1,000 to $950 million (over five years) enticed developers like Amazon Web Services, various weapons and system developers, and Anduril Industries, the company founded by Oculus creator Palmer Luckey after Facebook acquired the virtual reality startup and subsequently fired Luckey.

Latch, makers of IoT locks for apartments and more, rolled out LatchOS, which it calls a full-building operating system that manages every user, device, and capability in an apartment building. It’s integrated with some property management software already.

Medical facilities are working to combine multiple security scores into an easy metric to gauge the security score of IoMT, you know, the Internet of Medical Things.

More and more IoT developers and integrators are using AI to turn IoT data into decision supporting information. A nice overview from ELE Times.

When the lawyers come knocking, and they will, can you provide data from your IoT devices that falls under the heading of “electronically stored information” as defined by The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure’s rule 34?

A nice update on IoT use by freight hauling companies.

From our friends at

Now that we’re stuck inside more than ever, do you ever wonder about the quality of the air stuck inside with you? This project will help you monitor indoor air quality.