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ICYMI Through September 27, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 10/05/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

“May you live in interesting times,” the famous Chinese curse, seems painfully appropriate now. Apple’s been all over the news with new hardware and software, just as Microsoft Windows finally crawls from Win10 to Win11. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into Satya saying, “Hold my beer,” to Tim, who replies, “No, you hold MY beer!” back and forth, and it ends up on a YouTube fail video.

Choose your popcorn flavor, then watch this new video from Microsoft’s Channel 9: “When Technology (Including IoT) Gets More Accessible, Anything Can Happen.

Owners of a MIX4 Xiaomi smartphone can use “Point to connect” capabilities to control Xiaomi’s smart home ecosystem devices, thanks to its Trimension Ultra-Wideband (UWB) feature.

Any readers in Russia? If so, the first commercial 5G-ready private network will launch real soon now. From Polymetal International and build on Ericsson Dedicated Networks systems.

RFID Journal outlines some ways communities can protect themselves from disasters with IoT by using funds from the American Rescue Plan of 2021.

Enterprise IoT folks might check into the SolidSense N8 Compact IoT, a high-performance edge computing gateway from SolidRun. Includes Wirepas Massive for backhaul and more.

The Internet of Military Things (IoMT) has a new edge platform featuring Cubic edge compute and networking hardware with the EdjOS operating system from EDJX.

Aramco purchased an IoT system from AI company FogHorn to increase safety and reduce waste in their oil drilling projects. Foghorn’s Lightning Edge AI platform uses computer vision and AI to report unsafe conditions and prevent blowouts.

Inmarsat released a report showing that COVID-19 pushed a rapid increase in the use of smart agriculture. 86% of businesses in AgTech reported business accelerating already or soon. Oil and gas companies sped up their IoT adoptions as well.

Have insomnia? Here’s a government report that may not actually help you sleep, the NIST cybersecurity guide draft. If it gives you nightmares, respond during the public comment window open until October 21st.

End-to-end cellular IoT solutions provider Truphone now runs on the integrated SIM of Sony’s Altair chipset, greatly expanding its reach.

Tripwire and Nozomi Networks teamed up to plug IoT security and monitoring into Tripwire’s policy compliance system, offering the hope of easier security and compliance controls.

There’s personal data, then there’s extremely personal data, like the kind gathered by health and wellness devices. JD Supra updates lawyers on how the FTC is getting picky about its Health Breach Notification Rule.

Satellite connections will shorten device battery life, so the partnership between Spire’s satellite platform and Myriota’s IoT services might make that linkage last longer.

Diebold Nixdorf’s ATM systems in Brazil will soon get IoT solutions for maintenance schedules and other monitoring.

Of course wealth management companies are using IoT to keep closer tabs on clients.

Helium, the peer-to-peer wireless network, announced it’s now integrated into the Senet’s public LoRaWAN network to extend coverage.

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