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ICYMI Through September 26, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 09/30/2022
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Who can we blame for hurricanes hitting Canada one day, (yes, Canada), while a typhoon hits the Philippines, and Ian targets Florida this week? Pick your favorite weather god or goddess, since every culture has one or two. Unfortunately, no ancient society had a goddess of newstips, but we feel they’re blessed, anyway.

Ericsson and Kiona will work together using IoT to reduce energy waste and carbon dioxide emissions in European buildings. About 75% of those aren’t yet energy efficient.

If you haven’t checked on Verizon’s ThingSpace IoT platform lately, you’ll find a renewed focus on connectivity, especially over Verizon’s LTE-M network.

Edge computing projects that need AI power should take a good look at the new NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano system-on-modules that provide an 80x performance boost from the previous generation.

MachineQ (a Comcast company) has a new whitepaper on “Uncovering Enterprise Priorities for IoT Adoption,” free for your name and email address.

Parks Associates shares research on the continued growth of smart speakers and smart displays.

Forbes takes a look at the environmental downside of IoT ,unlike other articles examining how IoT improves sustainability in many projects.

Will edge computing provide value beyond the IoT? TechNative dives in and declares that IoT is the Killer App for Edge Computing.

When will wireless charging at a distance become a real thing for IoT?

Maybe soon, since UBITO announced its parent company spent two years working on powering an IoT prototype module wirelessly using Wiegand technology that could apply to IoT networks.

For startup fans, Entrepreneur looks at how IoT can increase productivity. Then they explain about cloud-agnostic hardware for IoT.

The new Swarm Asset Tracker works with the growing satellite service right out of the box. It can run six months on a rechargeable battery, or you can plug it in.

Network World reports on an Omdia survey that predicts almost four out of five companies will actively deploy IoT within the next two years.

Early player Wiliot will introduce its Wiliot IoT Pixel, a 6G-enabled Massive IoT network, at MWC 2022.

Talking Logistics takes a look at how IoT can enhance supply chain accuracy and utility.

NIST released two new IoT cybersecurity program documents to address consumer IoT cybersecurity.

The Statesman (India) provides info on IoT and smart wearable devices.

From our friends at

DIYers and makers will want to grab a few units of the new DFRobot Beetle family of compact development boards. Big news? Oversized pads to make soldering easier and cut mistakes from messy and/or shaky soldering iron users.