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ICYMI through September 23, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 09/29/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Welcome to fall! Goodbye to the slightly slower summer season when people took a bit of time to relax, slow down, and smell the sunscreen. But none of that lollygagging in this season, thank you. There are only 92 shopping days until Christmas, so start that wish list of IoT gadgets today!

Crestron extends its Crestron Home OS 3 into HVAC automation in a deal with CoolAutomation to leverage their BACnet modules through Crestron.

Kaseya customers should keep an eye on IT Glue. Integration into Kaseya products since IT Glue’s acquisition by Kaseya last December now lets techs connect directly to an endpoint within its corresponding IT Glue configuration, and more.

Trend Micro released its “The Internet of Things in the Cybercrime Underground” report a couple of weeks ago. But since your customers are just reading about it in places like CISO now, you might bring up improving IoT security while the report is still fresh.

Cisco certainly has multiple fingers and toes stuck in developing Wi-Fi 6 and 5G projects. On Wireless Wednesday last week, we got an update on the 5G project in Sacramento with Cisco, Verizon, Ericsson, and more all working together.

Have customers using AWS? Probably. Tie their IoT projects into their existing AWS data lakes for easier analytics explains this IoT on AWS blog.

GlobalData’s Verdict tells us why the IoT “isn’t growing as rapidly as predicted.” Most forecasts are full of the opposite viewpoint. Their position? Dampers on growth include data security, cost of deployment, lack of expertise, and the need to have buy-in from multiple areas within the company. Cities have stretched budgets so smart city initiatives will remain pilots. Valid points, and barriers that good IoT projects can hurdle. But thanks to global cellular data coverage getting cheaper and 5G rolling out, GlobalData still predicts 4.5 billion connections in 2023.

Speaking of cellular data companies, AT&T partnered with Bell Canada, Rogers Communications, and Talus to give it what it calls, “the largest LTE-based Cat M footprint in the world.”

If you’re interested in smart home tech, Span.IO, launched by the former head of Tesla’s energy storage business, wants to smarten up the lowly electrical panel and make it the connection hub of the future. Pilots in California and Hawaii start later this year.

Politicians in California decided to “help” IoT security by passing laws. Surprise! Confusion reigns. What exactly are “reasonable security” measures?

Kaspersky found that almost four in ten computers used to control smart building automation systems were affected by malicious attacks in the first half of 2019. Anyone surprised? Of the 37.8% attacked, more than 11% were hit with spyware aiming to steal credentials and other valuable info.

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Fall brings big weather changes. Perhaps this IoT Weather Sensor can help.