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ICYMI Through September 12, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 09/19/2022
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Now that the NFL has hit the starter button, fall is unofficially underway. Half the fans in the country are pricing Super Bowl tickets, while the other half wants to fire their head coach or replace their quarterback, and sometimes both. But you can’t replace these hot newstips that score on the ground and through the air.

Would asset tracking and other IoT technologies benefit from a global positioning option that offers resolution down to the centimeter? Vodaphone and Topcon are working on it.

Parks Associates, in an article on smart apartments, says that over a third of renters are willing to pay an additional 15% to rent apartments with smart amenities.

Closer to home, like inside it, Parks Associates takes a look at the advances in smart homes made possible when AI and machine learning applications work with smart home devices.

Senet and CalChip Connect partnered to distribute a growing number of Senet compatible LoRaWAN gateways and end-devices, including pre-provisioned solution bundles.

The Southeast Asia edition of offers up some history and current enterprise use cases for IoT.

An IoT integrator describes Three Ways to Achieve Scalability in IoT.

Ars Technica describes new Linux malware Shikitega and how it works, how it hides, and how it infects systems.

Don’t we love telling students what they should study? That urge hit The Hindu for this article on Careers in IoT. describes a new button-pushing “Fingerbot” that pushes buttons and switches on non-smart devices. offers IoT advice to wannabe manufacturing entrepreneurs: research Industrial IoT to save work and effort for your humans.

Spiceworks discusses strategies for the future when IoT meets process control.

Forbes includes an article asking if new legislation like the CHIPS and Science Act and the Inflation Reduction Act will help IoT. Best guess: Yes.

West Virginia University renews the yearly fight against rogue devices with an article requesting (demanding?) students and faculty submit an IT purchase request before adding an IoT device like light controllers and more to the WVU network.

Now’s a good time to mention Security Boulevard’s article on why the IoT is so hard to secure, and some ways around that problem.

The EU will get tough on IoT consumer product makers if they don’t follow the rules to avert cyberattacks. Fines will be up to 15 million Euros or 2.5% of a company’s revenue.

Luos of France added support for the popular ESP32 multipoint control unit to make IoT networking simpler.

Milesight IoT and Actility teamed up to make smart building IoT deployments easier to install and monitor.

Renesas has a new SoC for those designing IoT devices.

Pall Corporation developed IoT monitoring and data handling for a critical function to many and called it BeerIoT. Yep, brewers go IoT.

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