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ICYMI through October 8, 2018

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 02/12/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Raise your hand if you’ve bought one or more bags of Halloween candy already. Lower your hand if one or more bags have been opened for “quality assurance” testing. Thought so. Enjoy it while you can. The way things are going, candy bags next year will have an IoT sensor that sends alerts to your spouse and doctor when opened early. Remember: with great IoT power comes great IoT responsibility. And hide those candy bags better.

Market Movers

We’ll see more and more pilot projects as 5G networks start rolling out, like this collaboration between BT (British Telecom for seasoned tech folks) and Wind River (IoT software etc.) These two are presenting an edge cloud computing for 5G proof of concept in The Netherlands today at the SDN NFV World Congress.

Also becoming a regular news item? Stock market people talking up IoT-connected companies like what the Motley Fool says about Valuetronics Holdings Limited. “Valuetronics is well placed to ride on this trend to explore business opportunities to include more IoT products to our portfolio,” says the chairman. As Chinese chip makers, Valuetronics can make that claim. Some are much more of a stretch. Beware IoT-washing marketing hype.

A good overview of IoT and “Smart Agriculture” here about how the combination could feed city dwellers, expected to be 70 percent of the 9.6 billion people wanting to eat in the year 2050. No need to go to the farm to grow food with IoT.

There’s got to be a way to make money with all the “connected car” projects going on. The fact that Microsoft and VW joined hands on connected vehicle services could be an option.

Microsoft also teamed up with Vimana to bring Azure IoT prowess to the shop floor.

Transparency Market Research says “Internet of Things Market to Reach US $1,490.31 billion by 2024,” in a new report. A trillion and a half in the next eight years? Fingers crossed.

Smart homes powered by IoT and AI are catching on with real estate developers in India.

Take a closer look

The U.S. government, through the National Institute of Standards and Technology and others, is looking closer at IoT regulation while working with major carriers like AT&T.

RFID Journal offers up “Three Roadblocks that Could Hinder Warehouse IoT Adoption.”

The law in California to tighten up IoT security passed. IoT security problems are all fixed now, right?

Kim Komando offers up “5 router security settings to turn on before it’s too late,” aimed at smart home slash residential IoT and Wi-Fi users. May be useful to help educate your security-resistant gadget geeks.