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ICYMI through October 7, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 10/16/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

We’re starting the third full week of fall, so of course, blizzards. As a distraction, all the NBA teams are in training camp, so fans of every team are dreaming of a huge trophy and a victory parade around the start of summer in 2020. What are the odds of a Toronto repeat?

Fortune Business Insights (courtesy of the Fresno Observer) says the global home automation market will hit $114 billion in 2025. Leaders include Crestron Electronics, AMX (Harman), Control4 Corporation, Johnson Controls., Siemens AG, Savant Systems, and ABB Ltd.

Logicalis UK was just awarded a spot on a huge UK Higher Education project.

Do we need more security in IoT? Of course. Venture capitalists agree, which is why Innogy Innovation Hub led a group dropping $3.6 million in the coffers of ShieldIOT of Israel. ReFirm Labs, focusing on the security issues of IoT firmware, just closed a $2 million Pre-A funding.

Adesto Technologies makes application-specific chips and more for IoT and just joined the Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT program. Look for Adesto’s SmartServer IoT, a multi-protocol industrial edge server that can now connect more easily to data applications running on Azure.

VC money is no guarantee of success, but it does help identify companies on the right track. Two weeks ago, London-based Crypto Quantique raised $8 million to use a single-chip approach to end-to-end IoT security.

Lanner Electronics, makers of network appliances and IoT platforms, joined the Infineon Security Partner Network (ISPN) and partnered with Infineon Technologies, a leading provider of security solutions. This will add Infineon’s OPTIGA TPSMs (Trusted Platform Modules) to Lanner IoT hardware.

Look out for Louisville, where tech is getting a jump start. Among other things, Microsoft tagged Big Lou as a regional hub for IoT, AI, and data science.

RFID Journal looks at how IoT is helping stop the yearly theft of $133 billion worth of oil every year. That’s a lot of thievery. has a good overview of IoT in health care. Not sure if a Moodle is a good idea or not. found that 31% of all consumers own at least one voice-activated device in 2019. Wonder what the percentage is among IT folks? How about among security experts?

Control Engineering has a nice overview of how to “Connect I/O systems with the IIoT.”

Identiv and Les Bouchages Delage partnered to make an IoT-enabled bottle cap for a luxury cognac brand using Near Field Communications. With holiday parties coming up, you may want to keep that one brother-in-law out of your good stuff, and this might help.

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Two-factor authentication can now include IoT-based voice recognition with this project.