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ICYMI Through October 5, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 10/16/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Now well into October, 2020 continues to be the annoying canker sore that never heals. Tropical storms Delta and Gamma are winding themselves up to hurricane levels in the already-battered Gulf. Someone please adjust the spanning tree algorithm and send them to the wildfires in California. The good news? Halloween candy is in stores now. Buy a few bags and dip into them as needed. And dip into these tasty newsbits as well.

Microsoft’s Channel 9 has a new video about how to “Connect any IoT sensor to Azure.”

Cornell University’s pilot project to cover wide areas of upstate New York with IoT networking added Oneida County to the project. That’s the home of the Cornell Cooperative Extension, so it makes sense.

Don’t expect anything soon, but the U.S. House passed the Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act. Now it goes to the Senate, also known as the Bill Graveyard, especially in an election year. But if your local Congress Critter claims they fixed IoT, you can explain to people why you’re laughing.

Meanwhile, The European Commission launched an inquiry into the world of consumer IoT.

Related? InfoSecurity reports on a new variant of Mirai malware targeting port 60001, which is commonly used by IoT devices. Botnets can be installed on unprotected devices, in this case mostly networked cameras.

Vodaphone’s 2020 IoT spotlight research report is out, with responses from 1,639 global businesses. 95% said they’ve achieved ROI, which sounds good to us, along with operating cost decreases by an average of 21%.

If you’re building IoT devices, you might want to get a private beta invitation to Twilio’s Microvisor for a more secure and adaptable IoT device builder platform.

Construction integrator? Then check out “6 ways the Internet of Things (IoT) is making construction sites smarter,“ in the Washington Business Journal.

Have IoT projects where powering devices is a real problem? Maybe this just-released Everactive white paper can help.

May be hard to make bank, since it’s music, but so many techies are also musicians that this caught our eye, er, ear. “Musical Internet of Things Connects Music Lovers in an Age of Distancing.“ All the way from wearables to VR concerts.

In Forbes, SAP talks about IoT in the fight against climate change.

When you’re comfortable traveling again (or when you have no choice), the new Nano Bag from Samsara Luggage tracks your bag on a smartphone and alerts you when the bag is opened out of your sight.

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Like those flying drones that all move together? Check out “Mirroring Robot Movements with Packet Radio“ at