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ICYMI Through October 29, 2018

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 11/05/2018
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Have you rigged up dancing witches and staggering zombies to scare trick or treaters with IoT motion detectors for Halloween yet? How about a candy-cam over the bowl to catch your spouse dipping into the stash? No? Just wait a year or two, and these things will be on the market. Until then, enjoy some newsbits that snuck by while you were searching for where your spouse hid those bags of candy goodness.

“Always Be Securing” if you want coffee

Coffee is for the secure in today’s times, especially with news like the 212-page report, “China’s Internet of Things,” produced by contractor SOS International LLC for the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission. Millions of IoT devices are made in China, making them susceptible to hard-to-detect security lapses, whether mistaken or intentional. More, Chinese-made IoT devices have been caught sending user and activity data back to the Chinese.

Houston-area integrators should be ready to answer prospect’s questions triggered by a huge IoT security infographic in the Houston Chronicle.

Interesting, very interesting

Favorite new IoT app? Knowing the best time to successfully impregnate cows based on feedback from pedometers attached to said bovines. Even better, the right timing leads to a 70 chance of determining the calf’s sex, a real value to farmers. Remember, the data is always the most profitable play.

Yo, makers who are gardeners: The IoT Rain Barrel.

Always nice to hear from Kevin Ashton, the tech who coined the term Internet of Things.

Of course IoT is going to war, according to the Wall Street Journal.

If you’re close to Milwaukee in November, you can get a free ticket from U.S. Cellular to hear Steve Wozniak talk about IoT. It’s also always good to hear from The Woz. wants to help you get hands-on with some basic IoT building blocks by selling The Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle.

Forbes says that the combination of IoT, AI, fog computing, and blockchain will teach you How To Future-Proof Your Business. And your client’s businesses.

A new report from Transparency Market Research shows the solid-state lighting market (LEDs with IoT) will grow at a roughly 8.7 percent CAGR through at least 2025.

In support of the previous paragraph, read how Clear Blue Technologies (Illumient Smart Off-Grid lighting) won 12 new outdoor lighting projects in Ontario.

Have IoT data that needs crunching? IBM wants to talk to you about the Watson IoT Platform – Analytics Service.

To generate data for a long time for Watson to analyze, Atmosic Technologies just launched its M2 and M3 series wireless IoT chips that get by on self-sustaining battery power.