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ICYMI through October 28, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 11/04/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

It’s the countdown to Halloween that will come knocking on your door this Thursday. Weather forecast: frightful in some places, with snow in the Midwest over to the Great Lakes and rain up the entire eastern coast. And, of course, wildfires in California. Stay safe out there, and don’t steal all the candy from your children, just the good stuff. And speaking of good stuff, let’s catch up to some interesting news bits.

Sam George, corporate vice president of Azure IoT over at Microsoft, filled our IoT treat bags with several new Azure features. At IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona this week, goodies like 11 new industry-focused application templates, API support for a variety of new functions, better IoT Edge support, and more will be the treats handed out.

The APC Smart Surge Protector from Schneider Electric will use the Ayla IoT platform to connect to IoT devices.

HPE’s Dr. Tom Bradicich has been named Chairman of the IoT Community’s newly formed Converged Edge Center of Excellence.

Gartner’s Erik Heidt updated an earlier article on “The Emergences of the IoT Architect.” Sounds like a new name for the prospect list.

RFID Journal dives into handling identity and access challenges with IoT devices.

The Fabricator gives a good overview of “Things manufacturers need to consider before managing IoT implementation.” One great piece of advice not often said out loud: “Uninformed analysis can be useless or cause poor decisions.” Pure Dilbert, right?

Do you have a Batteries Plus Bulbs retail store near you? Handy for some items, and now a competitor to IoT integrators in the smart home space. The firm just launched the Batteries Plus Bulbs Smart Home collection with over 30 products focused on three areas: security (cameras, door sensors, video doorbells), convenience (close garage doors or turn off appliances remotely), and entertainment (smart dimmers, switches, and color-changing lights).

From the “What your customers are reading,” bucket comes an advertorial in The Seattle Times for the “smart home of your dreams.” If your dreams include a deodorizer smart trashcan for $99, you’re in luck. Maybe the $1,650 Sonos 5.1 Surround Set?

Maybe the previous two items are what Fox Business is talking about in their story, “Smart home are the new real estate upsell.”

EdTech describes the new IoT product from Soter Technologies called FlySense that detects anomalies in air quality that could be caused by vaping. Cigarette smoke detectors are easy, but catching vapers is tougher, and this will help.

Not too late to use IoT to trick out the house for Halloween.

From our friends at

The Pumpkin Pi Trick-or-Treat Tracker senses motion, turns on scary lights (hide them in your pumpkin), and tracks the number of ghouls and goblins going by.