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ICYMI through October 22, 2018

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 11/01/2018
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Now that the World Series is set (congrats to the Red Sox and the Dodgers) and the NFL is almost halfway through the season, fall feels a bit more normal. After all, hurricanes are supposed to be a summer thing, right? Yet Hurricane Willa will hit Mexico and probably South Texas this week. When we get a hurricane with a name starting with Z, will they stop?

Lots of data from lots of places

Forbes outlines What the IoT Can Learn From Fintech. TL;DR Lots. Fintech processes can help manage the data flood from IoT.

Want to see the latest frontier for IoT fleet management and other transportation applications? Look up, says Satellite Today.

Who knew a Juarez trade show would be so full of Industrial IoT products and companies?

The IoT's market size and potential convinced Intel and ARM to work together.

IoT and big data analytics are starting to power major tech advancements in offshore drilling operations.

The Harvard Political Review shows how some are leveraging IoT to save the world.

Forbes checks on BlackBerry and its turnaround based on the Enterprise of Things.

Now that the major players in the global supply chain have embraced IoT, an Asian company wants to create an Internet of Logistics to better manage and share all that data.

Read about how one company is using IoT to address the global food wastage crisis.

Another hotbed for new IoT implementations? South Africa.

Want to make your city smart? Complete network coverage will be critical to your success. Bendigo (Victoria, Australia) put IoT sensors on garbage trucks to measure signal strength throughout the city. Smart move.

When you get away from it all, your hotel room will be full of IoT.

A little more personal

Why does your microwave need to be Internet-enabled? So you can control your Amazon microwave through Amazon Alexa. Makes sense if you’re trying to sell Alexa and microwave ovens, but NPR New Orleans doesn’t think the risk is worth it. Since you have to go to the appliance to put your popcorn inside, can’t you just push the ‘Make Popcorn’ button?

Ready to build something? Check out the new mioTa IoT adapter from Paul Swindells in the U.K.

Did you know that the real estate industry is going gaga over IoT?

And your personal real estate investment (home) can save money on insurance thanks to IoT devices like water leak detectors.