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ICYMI through October 15, 2018

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 10/29/2018
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Do your leaf peeping quickly, before they all fall down. As we march toward Halloween, the conferences and user group meetings seem to multiply and spread news like those swirling leaves. We caught as many as we could that concerned IoT, and here are some more.

More technical

Do you love or hate blockchain? Or are you just waiting for it to be useful to you? Vint Cerf (Daddy Internet) is in that camp, apparently. Yet many experts maintain blockchain is the “Best Bet to Enhance the IoT Space.” Who wins? Hard to bet against Daddy Internet.

IoT within discrete manufacturing will be worth about $40 billion in 2020, according to RFID Journal. If you’re in the supply chain business with IoT solutions, the next few years should be nice.

Speaking of RFID, that market, thanks to IoT and big data, should keep growing at 14.5 percent or more for the next decade.

Telit (London) thinks IoT products work best when smaller, hence its new xE310 family of miniature IoT modules for cellular and narrowband connections.

Forbes Magazine, always career focused, tells readers what the 4th Industrial Revolution (powered by IoT, of course) means for their job path. They offer suggestions on job training from top colleges, online courses, and more. Sorry, vice presidents, there’s no list of buzzwords you can sprinkle in conversation to make people think you understand IoT. Forbes also says consumers couldn’t care less about 5G, but they should.

The Motley Fool alerts the investor class that one way to profit from IoT is to invest in companies using IoT in the agriculture sector.

More security

California passed a law in late September to force IoT manufacturers to follow slightly better security practices. Now the U.K. Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport released the Code of Practice for consumer IoT security. Some of the same steps, such as no default passwords, are included in both.

How to make these improvements real, at least for the governments writing these laws? Change government buying rules, says

Global security firm SEC Consult says Xiongmai video surveillance devices have multiple security issues.

People in healthcare are getting serious about IoT security too it seems. If you’re security-smart and want a job at a hospital, they await you with open arms.

IoT monitoring tools keep getting better, as this partnership between Paessler and Sigfox to integrate Sigfox-enabled IT sensor management into Paessler’s PRTG Networking Monitor for IoT solutions show.

If you’re in the MSP biz, you might offer residential IoT security monitoring. According to a new report from Allot Communications, homeowners really need help.