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ICYMI through October 14, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 10/21/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Sorry, football fans, but the record your team has now, after six games, does not lie. If your guys are constantly winning (New England and San Francisco) the season will continue into the playoffs. If your guys are constantly defeated (Miami 0-6 just lost to Washington, now 1-5) January means watching playoffs on the tube. By the way, what slang should we use for “tube” now? Watch it on the diodes?

Microsoft Azure and IoT users may like the new “Azure IoT Hub integration with Azure Event Grid“ video on the MS Channel 9 site.

Linksys resellers should check out the new Linksys Aware subscription service that senses motion in mesh Wi-Fi environments as a security measure.

BehrTech and MAJiK Systems signed a strategic partnership to add wireless IoT connectivity to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). These ruggedized systems are computing mules, working hard yet underappreciated. BehrTech and MAJiK are tying PLC networks, which are not designed to connect outside the plant, to modern IoT networks in remote and complex environments.

In a nice segue, BBN Times has a story on using IoT to improve worker safety.

Takes a new angle to see it, but theme park rides are industrial equipment as well. Disney just signed Hitachi and its Lumada data management to provide ride analytics.

Now you can tell Siri to keep your secrets and not record your conversations.

Penn State won “Best Paper” at the 2019 IEEE Ubiquitous Computing, Electronics and Mobile Communication Conference for research using Splunk and data analysis to protect IoT devices.

Haier in Shanghai finally opened its Haier Smart Home 001 Experience Center. Maybe support-by-the-minute plans are the future as vendors spring these systems on consumers who can barely manage two remotes for cable TV.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is working on using IoT to secure the power grid. The RFP is out now if that’s your area. The NIST National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence will be involved to help develop stronger defenses.

Who knew that farmers had gates that might need to open only once a week and that those take a lot of manpower to check? Perth’s free and open IoT network did, and they’re using LoRaWAN and low-power IoT devices to monitor those gates and much more.

From our friends at

It’s a seasonal project – Jacques Pierre is an Internet-controlled hacking pumpkin. Project video shows a mustachioed-pumpkin hacking two victims made of salt dough.