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ICYMI Through October 12, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 10/19/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Temperatures play roller coaster this week, starting out higher than normal, then dropping lower than normal. Sounds like autumn, right? Rain on both coasts early then we dry out. At least there’s no hurricane scheduled this week, but there are newsbits that survived the last one, so let’s catch up.

NCR has been in the retail payments market since 1881 (National Cash Register, remember?). With payment now happening through IoT devices like wearables and pay stations becoming IoT endpoints, NCR placed its IoT software on top of Microsoft’s Azure AI technology. Should be ready for retail, restaurant, and financial users when things get better.

Arm also partnered with Microsoft to create tools to let its sensor chips communicate over Microsoft cloud links.

Veea and its VeeaHub family of Multi-WAN Secure Access Service Edge nodes, joined the Microsoft Azure Certified for Internet of Things (IoT) program. They’re now in the Azure Certified for IoT catalog.

Rockwell Automation tightened its partnership with Microsoft for their IIoT manufacturing programs.

Australia’s federal government established a local benchmark for consumer IoT devices, a good thing. However, there’s no implementation or compliance framework to see if people are following the rules. Typical.

Can IoT help fight wildfires? Dryad Networks and it’s “Internet of Trees” says yes.

Some advice from CIOReview for CIOs looking to implement IoT projects while avoiding data silos includes networking equations with a little calculus. Anybody seen the office slide rule?

Are you in the medical vertical? If so, “How AI and IoT in Healthcare Can Help Dementia Patients,” should point out some new options.

The Secure Erie (Pennsylvania) Accelerator welcomed the 2020 class of six participants from 40 worldwide applicants. Two are pure IoT plays, while a third works against drone misuse, so, kinda.

From the legal brains at JD Supra comes “Expanding the Internet of Things: Four Key Legal Issues October 2020.” Ignoring lawyers in the design phase just means more lawyers later, so plan accordingly.

Powering IoT devices causes multiple design and implementation issues. Maybe the University of Washington group using 3D printed plastic to create objects that communicate over Wi-Fi without batteries or electronics will help.

Ordr Software released its IoT Discovery Program, which locates shadow IoT devices. Who knows what evil lurks within your network? Let’s hope Ordr does.

The folks at DH2i make software-defined perimeter (SDP) and “Smart Availability” software. Now they have DxOdyssey for IoT, an edge-optimized SDP tool that ensures end-to-end zero trust IoT connectivity.

Everynet (LPWAN) just rolled out a new secure data network to help make Puerto Rico a “smart island.”

From our friends at

Like to know how healthy the air is around you? Our friends near wildfires have some real incentive now to check. Here’s a quick beginner-level project called Arduino Air Quality Monitor to give your lungs the heads up.