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ICYMI Through October 10, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 10/18/2022
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

The baseball playoffs started with the Wild Card games last week, and get underway with the League Division Series games on October 11th. Like every recent year as the season stretches longer, we ask: Will the World Series finish before Halloween? Nope.

Amazon Web Services partnered with Naxos to trigger a “Smart Island” digital transformation with more than 20 Greek and multinational companies.

At Mobile World Congress, Kore announced that it’s entered the Ericsson IoT Accelerator program, partially to replace the offboarded Curiosity IoT program.

Senet will demonstrate device to device multicast communications over the LoRaWAN network this week in San Francisco.

Parks Associates found that the “Smart Garage” has become a thing, separate somewhat from Smart Home discussions. First, smart garage door openers provide (maybe) a safer way to deliver packages than leaving them on the porch.

Inside the house, Parks Associates reports that smart appliance growth may slow from the three-year high point of 2021, but the rate of adoption is spread evenly across appliances with smart refrigerators and clothes washers the highest. Then your new smart appliances can communicate over a growing number of networks available for home automation.

Speaking of smart home systems, TelecomTV compares IoT to broadband network access, and the two seem on a path to convergence.

Those in the medical vertical will appreciate a deeper dive than usual on how IoT with AI analytics can improve healthcare.

In Singapore, FinTechNews describes ways IoT adoption now pushes edge computing further.

Smart Buildings Technology tells how building automation systems  infused with AI now run environmental systems better than you can.

Matter, the “smart home standard” according to many, has launched or upgraded or retrenched, and promises to bring order to the fractured smart home market.

Here’s an interesting approach to make streets smarter: an add-on to existing streetlights that serves as a Wi-Fi 6 access point in addition to controlling the light supporting it.

Related, kinda, LoRaWAN can connect the Link-layer to LPWAN to extend range in several interesting areas.

From one viewpoint, electric vehicles are just bundles of IoT with seats and wheels.

Indian LoRaWAN public network operator SenRa announced the release of its IoT network planning and survey software tagged Netsy.

Makers will appreciate that SparkFun and Machinechat teamed up for JEDI One IoT OpenLog Data Collection kits.

Dark Reading aims and obliterates the target in “7 IoT Devices That Make Security Pros Cringe.

Water in houses made lots of news lately, and the new teamup with Kohler, Phyn, and for the new H2Wise product suite will help with one-home disasters like leaky pipes.

Think about these three things when applying IoT to your enterprise digital transformation.

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Lots of techies love rockets and actively make and launch them. Rockets are cool, and things sometimes blow up, so what’s not to like? But this wireless rocket launcher will let you fire off gunpowder rockers from a safe distance.