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ICYMI Through November 9, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 11/16/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

We’re rounding the corner to the end of the year, finally, and everyone’s fingers are crossed hoping 2021 is just as good as 2020 has been awful. Things are getting better already, if you judge by the fact the storm hitting Florida today is just Tropical Storm Eta and not Hurricane Eta. Feel better? Scoop up some of these juicy newsbits and you certainly will.

Watch the new IoT video on Channel 9 at Microsoft titled, “Fast Track Azure IoT Edge Projects at Scale with ZEDEDA Edge Orchestration.

Advance warning to those in the home security business: Parks Associates found that 41% of households with professional security monitoring plan to upgrade next year.

Crain’s Cleveland Business believes Team NEO has developed an IIoT roadmap to help Northeastern Ohio make billions thanks to Industrial IoT.

New Jersey Business believes IoT is redefining the information industry in N.J.

Advantech has some new servers powered by NVIDIA GPUs designed for IoT and AI applications to be shown at SuperComputing 2020

Companies love their Kubernetes containers, and they love their IoT, so of course there’s a project to mash’em up. Yep, Kubernetes containers at the IoT edge. Brilliant or BS?

Forbes talks about how IoT can help hospitals cope with the coronavirus. The European Commission launched an 8 million euro project to enhance remote care, and with hospitals filling up in the Midwest, America could use some good Covid news.

A quick article on all the uses of IoT and AI in self-driving cars and other smart devices.

The Conversation looks at how Australia “can reap the benefits and dodge the dangers of the IoT.”

This week’s article introducing IoT (always good to have a few of these for prospects) comes from Analytics Insight.

From our friends at

Got a leftover plastic raven from Halloween? Turn it into a Raven Pi Security Camera, including speaker to quote, “Nevermore,” shall you trespass upon penalty of being seen.