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ICYMI Through November 8, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 11/20/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

November is shorthand for wet, cold, and messy weather for most of the country, and this year’s version starts this week. Rain sweeps from the Midwest to the Northeast, pushed by a cold front dropping 3-5 inches of white stuff across the upper Great Plains. Find your umbrella, your rain boots, and your snow shovel, or better yet, stay warm and dry enjoying these newsbits.

Datamation takes a look at IoT in healthcare, with a focus on five areas such as patient monitoring and equipment tracking. As expected, some areas are deep into IoT while others nibble at the edges.

Here are six IoT automotive examples, again from Datamation.

The plastics industry is diving into IoT and voice-controlled machines, but all is not yet smooth on the road to Plastics Factory 4.0.

Med-Tech Innovations looks at the rise of IoMT devices as the Internet of Medical Things continues to grow.

The IoT Security Foundation found four out of five IoT device vendors failed basic cybersecurity practices. No word if four out of five dentists agree, but at least they disclosed security failings in their IoT (Internet of Teeth).

AgTech jumped early into IoT, and now you can get wearables for your livestock to monitor their health.

Wildfires keep expanding, so maybe the team of Senet and Thingy IOT will have some success teaming up the former’s LoRaWAN network with the latter’s low-power AQ Wildfire and Air Quality Monitoring Systems across the Western U.S.

Focusing on much smaller animals, a pilot project in Hyderabad, India, will use IoT to help with mosquito control.

Fun idea of the week: an IoT-powered program in Belgium called “Curious Noses” uses IoT sensors in green spaces, including forests, farms, and private gardens, to track changes caused by climate change.

An Australian radio show (8:01 minute audio) program provides an overview of consumer IoT and privacy issues.

If you’re the real estate vertical, you may already know these five examples of IoT and analytics in real estate, including commercial properties.

Josiah Hester runs an applied research center at Northwestern University working, like many others, to find a way to power IoT devices without traditional batteries.

Industrial IoT devices and smart gateways are helping factories integrate smart devices from multiple vendors that never communicated before to work together.

Helium, a peer-to-peer IoT and more network, teamed up with Digital Matter to release the 2021 State of IoT Asset Tracking Report. Free if you give up your contact info.

IoT enhances customer experience, says CMS Wire. Let’s hope it can get Christmas presents off container ships and onto shelves.

Time to get up to date on the Internet of Robotic Things (IoRT). They’re appearing up and down the supply chain and other places.

EU readers will want to take notice of the new EU cybersecurity rules for IoT.

From our friends at

Build a proof of concept using TinyML and Raspberry Pi devices to manage parking by tracking the number of cars coming in and out of the lot. Then upscale with Amazon Web Services.