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ICYMI Through November 7, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 11/19/2022
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

If we were characters in a fantasy novel, we’d refer to the era that started Sunday morning at 2:00 a.m. as, “The Days of Early Darkness.” While arguments abound over the value of Daylight Savings Time, those of us with enough gray hair remember the “dark days” before the internet and Network Time Protocol (NTP), when we adjusted computers manually. Begone!

Google’s Security Blog outlines principles for IoT security labeling.

Texas Instruments embraced the new Matter protocol with new Matter-enabled software development kits for both Wi-Fi and Thread SimpleLink wireless microcontrollers.

Tech Mahindra suggests we fix IoT security with blockchain.

The ”smart home” dream started decades ago, but 54% of U.S. internet households say technical issues ruin that vision, according to Parks Associates. Perhaps one problem is that 71% of smart home devices are DIY projects that then turn to professional support services for help.

Here's a reminder that no device escapes targeting by hackers as attacks double on engineering workstations and industrial control systems.

RFID Journal has a case study on a Domino’s franchise store in Springfield (Mass, not The Simpsons) that contracted United Office to modernize cooler monitoring and food temperature controls.

An article in Forbes starts our 2023 predictions wave by offering the top 4 IoT trends in the coming year. Yes, more regulation is one of them.

We have “smart” everything now, mostly powered by IoT, so why not smart lakes? LimnoTech and its subsidiary Freeboard Technology, using Senet’s Radio Access Network, under the umbrella of the Cleveland Water Alliance, set up a LoRaWAN network in the Great Lakes region.

On the other hand, “We Were Promised Smart Cities” but so far, no joy. Remember the promised jetpacks for everyone?

Maybe the cities aren’t yet smart, but IoT improves wastewater treatment.

Those in the supply chain vertical may already know about the 25 million IoT Pixel tags ordered by Identiv for the Ambient IoT ecosystem.

The spread of AI now includes wearables as they get more powerful and/or leverage the cloud.

This week’s article on ways to increase IoT security came from ZDnet.

Techaeris offers this week's entry-level explainer on IoT.

Gearrice separates home automation devices from IoT, primarily because many home devices use Bluetooth or similar protocols rather than Wi-Fi and the internet for communications. Do you agree with that definition?

IoT & the Edge” aims at getting mobile operators up to speed on IoT’s history and future directions.

The hype for Matter builds, like this article from Computerworld declaring the standard “could unleash innovation in IoT.” Here’s another article from Axios on Matter, and an explainer from Business Standard.

Using IoT to improve HVAC systems keeps getting more attention.

From our friends at

Agriculture technology, aka agtech, continues to grow new innovations. This project uses Nordic’s Thingy 53 to add predictive analytics to irrigation automation.