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ICYMI through November 4, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 11/11/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Does your Monday feel better since you started it an hour later? Did the earlier daylight help perk you up? Earlier light is always better, at least according to Daylight Savings Time fans. We can’t wait to cash in our saved daylight in February, which always needs to be brightened up. And now we’re going to cash in some IoT newsbits we missed.

At the IoT Impact Conference in Sydney, Lenovo quoted an Australian IoT report saying only 20% of IoT proof of concepts became full implementations. John Gordon, president of the commercial Internet of Things group at Lenovo, says they can help your customers do better. Really, 4 or 5 IoT PoCs fail to go operational? Is that just a Down Under thing?

Speaking of Sydney, Telstra does the humble brag bit, well deserved, on how it helps Australian cities like Sydney and Perth monitor water loss in pipes and track use for better need projections. And how the Smart Water Management dashboard and water management application provide more water use info than ever before.

Similarly, Ericsson’s blog discusses some of the IoT topics and case studies from its IoT Day Stockholm in September.

The Motley Fool Canada explains how BlackBerry has become a leader in IoT services and security.

Need some hands-on IoT time? Interesting Engineering (among others) is reselling a 9-course IoT training bundle for $29. Regular price is $1,800, so bargain hounds should be sniffing out a great deal. Sounds like a great project for that intern hanging around.

Are you in the education market? RFID Journal tells how many colleges are putting IoT to work for security, access, and measuring student engagement.

As you wait in line for your morning vente with light cream, take a gander at the espresso machine. Starbucks will update them all with IoT and AI over the next 12 months. Let’s hope the upgrade includes an IoT device that knows how to spell names.

IoT integrators have to figure out a way to get a cut of the forecast $52 billion spent on wearables globally in 2020.

You can’t troubleshoot some of the new wireless protocols without the right tool. At least that’s the word from Teledyne LeCroy about its new Frontline X240 Wireless Wideband Analyzer. Covers important protocols like Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy.

Claroty has integrated its Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) with FireEye Helix.

AI+IoT provider Tuya Smart integrated with SmartThings to improve home automation products.

Of course it’s come to this—IoT will now clean your toilet under orders from Alexa. A company called Shine is running an Indiegogo campaign now, so you can get in on the ground floor of the $99 (demo version on sale now!) Automated Toilet Cleaning and Maintenance smart-enabled Personal Porcelain Throne Protector (our suggested name).

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After all that Halloween candy, you might be a bit more health conscious. Here’s an ATtiny85 Pulse Oximeter and Photoplethysmograph you can build.