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ICYMI Through November 30, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 12/06/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

After the (American) Thanksgiving holiday, we face days of turkey leftovers, the sprint to the Christmas holiday break, and, ultimately, the end of 2020. Those in the Northeast face strong winds followed by a winter storm, so you folks put on your heavy coats and bundle up right after reading these newsbits.

ARM Holdings is talking up a new chip that will use an idea cribbed from RFID tags to grab a tiny bit of power every time a reader passes over the chip. Tagged, “Project Triffid,” meaning someone at ARM is a Sci-Fi fan.

A new video on Microsoft’s Channel 9 describes “The future of IoT solutions development… today!”

In the ever-constant search for the perfect IoT network, the low-power, self-healing mesh protocol IEEE 802.15.4, aka Thread, has revved up to Thread 1.2. The OpenThread open-source platform helps harness a community of developers.

The “Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020” was sent to the president to sign. Or veto. Need a refresher? Here’s an explanation from the National Law Review.

Count the folks at Analytics Insight among the fans of Raspberry Pi for IoT projects.

Is this good or bad? The University of Queensland (Australia) announced five scholarships for Ph.D students in agriculture supply chain and automation. Is IoT ready for the Ph.D treatment?

Politicians always promise investments in infrastructure “any day now.” The Financial Times makes the case to embed IoT in all new infrastructure immediately. Forbes offers a nice companion piece on how IoT keeps your drinking water safe.

Here’s a deep dive from EETimes on chip-level security in Industrial IoT to better protect endpoints.

Prepare yourselves, readers in Asia, for the boom in India in IoT post COVID-19, according to All four of their top, “Technologies by potential impact” are in this playground: IoT, AI, cloud infrastructure, and big data/analytics.

From our friends at

Linux users have requested a little more attention here, so try this project: Creating a Vitis-AI GStreamer Plugin for the Ultra96-V2. This project was done on a Ubuntu 18.04 host machine.