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ICYMI Through November 29, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 12/06/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Excuse this interruption to Cyber Monday shopping, but now’s the time to plan out the rest of the year. Not the work, the important stuff: vacation time. There are three full weeks before the week of Christmas, so pick your days off quickly.

TechRepublic takes a look at Microsoft Windows Server IoT 2022 and finds it does more than advertised.

Microsoft Azure and ICONIC’s IoTWorX have some interesting ways to gather and process data in industrial situations.

Those in the retail vertical should appreciate the tips from Datamation in this IoT in retail article. There’s also a nice overview of IoT cloud trends and 5 IoT software trends.

In the surprise IoT category this week is Medical Device Network’s coverage of IoT helping improve mental health services.

For smart home and other contained-in-a-small-area IoT projects, Wi-Fi is the connection of choice, and TechNative discusses some of the ways new Wi-Fi 6 tech will help.

We haven’t seen much guidance on using IPv6 with IoT, but here’s a good overview from Security Boulevard. Keep looking there, and you’ll find a blog discussing sensor data management, IoT mining, and analytics.

Here’s another helpful look at IoT and security from RFID Journal titled, “The Birds and the IoT: Are You Using Proper Protection with Your Devices?”

Even South Florida believes in the importance of IoT software testing.

IoT-enabled vending machines have made a dent in the food and beverage industry in India. Over in South Africa they examine all the new ways they live with IoT.

Kaleido Intelligence believes that by 2026, global IoT roaming data traffic, mostly for the supply chain, will reach 650 PB.

Forbes explains how a security vulnerability in a new chip from MediaTek may compromise a third of all the smart phones and IoT devices to eavesdropping via the onboard microphone.

The FCC approved French satellite company Kineis’s request to offer satellite services in the U.S. market to support IoT among other devices.

Ready to jump into the smart home world? TechCrunch has a smart home starter kit gift guide. Nobody says you can’t buy your own gift, right?

The satellite company Inmarsat says connectivity issues are disrupting IoT rollouts for most businesses.

From our friends at

You can buy your significant other, or yourself, any number of smart watches today. But DIYers might prefer this Open SmartWatch they can build and modify. The unboxing video from explains some of the interesting details.