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ICYMI Through November 26, 2018

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 12/03/2018
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break, assuming you’re in an area that celebrates tradition with massive amounts of massive poultry followed by a massive dessert selection. If you’re not in the U.S., you probably weigh the same today as last Monday, while Americans groaned if they looked at a scale this morning. Either way, now starts the push toward the end of the year. And if you were nibbling rather than news-ing last week, let’s catch up. Be aware that lots of the news this week is international (Americans were busy eating).

Dollars and euros

Team NEO (North East Ohio) continues to push its Industrial IoT message and keeps getting good reviews for doing so. Two takeaways came from a recent story in the site. First, focusing on IIoT could boost projected regional manufacturing from an estimated $45 billion over the next six years to between $52 and $62 billion. Second, Team NEO looks at their work as a five to seven year mission.

The IoT security market should hit nearly $10 billion by 2025 says Grand View Research.

Commercial Real Estate (CRE to some) started retrofitting buildings with IIoT in years past. Now IoT gets built into new buildings more and more. Why? Operational costs average six times more than construction costs over the life of a building, so monitoring and management via IoT is becoming standard for many facilities management programs.

Everybody wants to know where their stuff is. RFID Journal discusses why location solutions are becoming so important in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and logistics. You know, many of the IoT’s primary playgrounds.

Coincidentally, Sony’s IoT Business Group for Europe and its Mobiam system began working with Lund University in Sweden to track refrigerated food transports to ensure quality.

The Irish Times reports on a GlobalData forecast that says the IoT market will triple in size to about $318 billion by 2023. That figure includes software. The energy and transportation markets will lead the way to higher growth.

San Diego started building its “smart city” platform last year, and already expects to save $3.6 million in electricity thanks to LED IoT-monitored street lights.

Irish firm ApisProtect uses IoT to monitor honey bee colonies and just landed a sweet 1.5 million euro seed round of financing.

Odd but true

A New Zealand group uses IoT-enabled traps to deal with possums, feral cats, rats, and stoats (apparently a Down Under weasel). Vodaphone provides the connectivity.

In the “whodathunkit” category, China’s tech boom, heavily flavored with IoT, adds to the growing science fiction market. Will our wearables turn us all into The Borg?

Spoke too soon – read in Government Technology about the ethical and privacy issues of implanted chips turning humans into IoT devices.