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ICYMI through November 25, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 12/02/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Welcome to Thanksgiving Week in the U.S. of A., with 55 million folks clogging the roads and airports to be with family and/or friends. Sure, family and friends aren’t mutually exclusive, but there’s no guarantee. The trick is to remain thankful, whether for getting together with family or getting away from them after dessert. Thankful counts in both directions. And while IoT hasn’t figured out how to make Thanksgiving travel easier, there are some interesting newsbits we missed, so let’s catch up.

Microsoft opened registration for the Internet of Things Show to stream on December 4 titled, “Deep Dive: Industrial IoT.” Since that’s where most of the money is being spent today, and the head of Azure Industrial IoT Erich Barnstedt is speaking, it might be worth a listen.

Speaking of IIoT, who knew a water pump manufacturer was making news with excellent customer experience ratings? Tech Wire Asia did, as evidenced by this story on Grundfos, a pump manufacturer in India. Smart sensors on the pump and a phone app for customers keeps water flowing.

UL (used to be Underwriter’s Laboratories) is “Working for a safer world,” according to their mission statement. Consumers expect a UL tag on products, and now the just-released “IoT Security Rating” will help add some confidence. Rules are for device manufacturers and retailers.

Have any clients in the car biz? CBT Automotive Network gives a nice overview in “What the Internet of Things Means for Dealerships and Auto Retail.” Since most dealerships make most of their profit on service, preventative maintenance looks like an interesting area of focus.

We didn’t know Samsung was big in HVAC, but The ACHR NEWS includes “How the Internet of Things is Revolutionizing the HVAC Industry,” which links to a Samsung white paper on the subject with a list of specializations that could prove lucrative.

If you’re in the wearables market, stock up. Gartner expects smartwatches and smart-clothing to help double consumer spending on wearables by 2021, up to $63 billion.

Before you melt your plastic shopping on Black Friday, check out Mozilla’s annual product warning “Be Smart. Shop Safe.” Ratings run from Not Creepy to a little creepy to somewhat and finally very creepy.

The California IoT security law takes effect January 1, 2020. Help Net Security tells “what it means and why it matters.”

ICYMI through November 25, 2019
Cybertruck from Tesla

Can’t wrap up without a look at the announced Cybertruck from Tesla. Hey, it has a network address, so it’s an IoT device. Not yet available but you can give Elon some of your cash as a deposit and be number 150,001 on the waiting list.

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