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ICYMI Through November 23, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 11/30/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Short week for those who celebrate Thanksgiving (with a small group, we hope) but the world spins on. Take a deep breath and get ready to sprint through the last few weeks until we finally escape 2020. But there’s no escaping newsbits, like the ones waiting below.

Avnet has a new product line to help IoT developers: the LTE-M Development Kit.

An article in the Financial Times describes how global use of IoT helps cities solve a variety of water pollution issues. Most important lately? COVID-19 sensors that search sewage for virus traces.

Forbes has an update on the IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act’s progress. Turns out the feds might actually come up with something useful, at least as a baseline.

Senet signed a big deal with GeoLinks to provide LoRaWAN IoT services across California.

IoT hit an interesting milestone: According to data from IoT Analytics cited by TechGig, there are now more IoT devices on the Internet than non-IoT devices: 11.7 billion out of 21.7 billion total. For purposes of this study, IIoT, smart cars, home devices, etc. are considered IoT while smartphones, laptops, and computers aren’t. China accounts for 75% of the global cellular IoT connections.

Interested in asset tracking? The State of IoT Asset Tracking 2020 report from Helium, Digital Matter, and Semtech might give you some new ideas.

Quantum Integration announces they have new “Builder Bases” for IoT hobbyists or the curious interested in seeing what they can do with sensors and Bluetooth.

Malwarebytes Labs addresses some IoT security issues.

Ever wondered how car companies are using the data they get from monitoring your auto? GM is launching a car insurance business based on data about driver behavior gleaned from OnStar.

Home and business security big dog ADT joined the Z-Wave Alliance as a principal member.

Of course, IoT helps the work from home crowd.

Speaking of home, Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions was just spun up by the Bosch parent company to focus on sensor-based applications for smart homes.

From our friends at

Taking a lead from one of our newsbits above, learn how to build a 12C water quality monitoring system.