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ICYMI Through November 22, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 11/29/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Welcome to the week of Thanksgiving, at least in the United States. More than a dozen other countries celebrate some type of holiday with this name or something similar. Most notably, Canada’s holiday is most like the American version, but it happens on the second Monday in October, so we missed that one. We also missed the party in Liberia (November 4), but our friends in Brazil celebrate this Thursday like we will. Those on Norfolk Island can’t wait, and chow down on November 24.

IBM’s Security Intelligence website offers us, “How to Design IoT Security from the Ground up.

Intel’s vice president of the Internet of Things Group (IOTG) and general manager of the Industrial Solutions Division, Christine Boles, talks IoT, the edge, and Industrial IoT with Datamation.

In a startling coincidence, Datamation examines the IoT edge computing market in another article.

Techopedia offers information on IoT security issues in enterprises, with the addition of some lifecycle management.

Newsweek follows with a discussion of how and why researchers and businesses should work together to improve security as IoT digs deeper into our lives.

Smart homes and the devices therein continue to get smarter, thanks to AI advances in consumer hardware, says

New rules from the European Commission set to start in two and a half years will tighten security requirements for IoT devices. Focus is on device security and better privacy guarantees.

Automation integrators selling smart locks can use those as a way into the lucrative apartment vertical, or, more technically, the multifamily dwelling unit (MDU) market, says CEPro. That magazine also suggests those in the wellness tech area approach designers and builders to support wellness in home design.

JD Supra reminds us that integrators supporting IoT devices that collect any type of personal information may be pulled into court cases. Personal tech and home automation systems are the most likely to be involved.

BBN Times offers three ways IoT improves a customer’s retail experience.

The U.K. may start setting guidelines and standards for IoT devices in the fire detection vertical.

Here’s a short update on the state of IoT in Argentina.

StanFord Arts Review offers this week’s IoT 101 article.

From our friends at

If you heat up your hot tub during colder months to enjoy the warm bubbles, especially with friends and/or children, you may find good use for this hot tub water quality monitoring system with cellular connectivity and SMS messaging.