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ICYMI Through November 21, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 12/03/2022
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Welcome to the holiday season of 2022! Thanksgiving, for those who celebrate, kicks things off this week, as younger generations travel to visit the families and hometowns they escaped from not long ago. Turkey and dressing, followed by Christmas carols, cause memory loss, so we’ll do it all again next month. When things get tense, pull out these soothing newsbits and relax. You know, newsbits and chill.

As the number of smart home connected devices increases, so does the number of monitoring and management tools. This fuels the evolution of self-service tools, says Parks Associates. DIY today often becomes a monitored service tomorrow, right? On the other hand, smart speaker and display adoption keeps growing, but the curve flattened recently.

The WSJ reports struggles in the retail sector caused a 65% drop in funding for IoT startups in the retail space.

Friendly Technologies updated its IoT management platform, Friendly IoT version 6.3.0, and will now manage tens of millions of IoT-enabled smart meters for water, gas, and heating utilities worldwide.

Industrial IoT got a little easier with help from new AI-based tools from Advantech and Actility that measure machine vibration frequencies to decrease downtime.

On a bigger scale, Smart Cities World has an interview with Moshe Gazit of Thinkz where he explains how to use IoT data from citizens to promote more sustainable choices.

At the Smart Energy Summit hosted by Parks Associates, research on smart thermostats found that 70% were purchased by first-time owners.

Futurist Bernard Marr listed his Top 4 IoT trends for 2023, including security (of course) and governance and regulation.

If you’ve wondered about issues in IoT development, this overview from Enterprise Networking Planet will fill in plenty of knowledge gaps.

It’s nice to make sure everything on your airplane works before you takeoff, and Lufthansa now uses smart devices and software from Ditto to replace pen and paper for checklists.

Can cable companies become a carrier for IoT edge devices on a huge scale? Using the new IP-based ATSC 3.0 standard, PEAK3 says it can.

Not everyone believes cities can solve their problems by becoming smart cities, based on limited success of multiple pilot projects and the unique advantages analog technology provides.

The Register reports IBM will “sunset the Watson IoT Platform service on IBM Cloud effective December 1st, 2023 without a direct replacement.” At least you have a year to rewrite all products pointing to IBM APIs.

This week’s security warning comes from T_HQ and uses the example of hackers exploiting your smart toothbrush to access your network.

Listen to this short podcast on “Understanding the Fundamentals of Security IoT” on your next treadmill session.

Wi-Fi Now discuses Wi-Fi HaLow and enterprise deployment to support IoT among other devices. Among other goodies, Wi-Fi HaLow signals can reach more than 1 km for 100x the coverage of traditional Wi-Fi networks.

Water seems to be in all the wrong places lately. Since agriculture uses about 70% of all fresh water, experts turn to IoT for high-tech farming to save water.

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Create your own standalone LoRaWAN gateway to connect your SenseCAP S2101 and S2104 agricultural sensors.