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ICYMI through November 19, 2018

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 11/26/2018
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Yes, it’s Thanksgiving week in the U.S., which means cheap TVs for sale on Friday. And, of course, giving thanks for the family and friends who invade your house and make fun of your current TV while switching to the football game they want to watch. It also means the mad dash to the end of the year starts next Monday. So let’s catch up with the news of the IoT revolution just before we take a couple of deep breaths and prepare for the relatives to arrive.

Getting a grip on things

RFID Journal gives us a good roundup of IoT regulations that may or may not impact those in the IoT trenches. Interesting tidbit? The article claims there are about one million new IoT connections made every hour.

How do you manage a million new IoT devices going live every hour? A Digital Asset Management Platform, say companies like NetObjex Inc. that make them. NetObjex (Irvine, Calif.) just shook hands with IOT Group Limited of Australia to work together.

Say hello to another new power-sipping IoT Arduino board building block for custom IoT applications.

Speaking of things listening to us, Mozilla rounds up a list of potential IoT-based gifts for this holiday season and lets readers rate them on the “creepy” scale. Tagline? “Privacy not included.”

Stock pickers have found the IoT and now regularly create listicles like 3 “Internet of Things” Stocks to Buy Right Now. Stocking stuffers?

Acer has a new IoT edge computing device with a built-in camera. All souped up with AI and easy to connect to AWS.

A quick update from Ericsson and others working on self-driving trucks and 5G.

What comes after the IoT? Some want to warn us about the Internet of Ears.

If you care about IIoT this update on a new collaborative digital management suite from Rockwell and PTC will be interesting.


Have fond memories of your old CrackBerry, er, BlackBerry? The company has, maybe, turned profitable again (at much lower revenue) thanks to a pivot to the Enterprise of Things. And buying Cylance (cybersecurity), which will strengthen their EoT pitch to prospects.

If your IoT projects rely on Wi-Fi, check out the news from Aruba and its new family of IoT-ready wireless access points.

Check out EdTech on some new ways fog computing improves IoT in education and other places. Quotes by one of the co-founders of the OpenFog Consortium included.

Linking your IoT devices with cellular data networks? Say hello to the new Telit LM940 LTE module certified by T-Mobile.