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ICYMI Through November 18, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 11/30/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

We’re sliding into the holidays now since next week is Thanksgiving, with Christmas just four weeks later. The week before Thanksgiving can be relaxed as things slow down or crammed full to get ahead for the coming days off work. At least most people don’t start major projects now with deadlines during the holidays. At least not a second time.

Kansas City-based Microsoft Gold Partner Valorem Reply did a deal to have its IoT Digital Twin Experience in over 30 Microsoft Technology Centers starting in January 2020.

This article in Forbes, “Data for the Internet of Things,” doesn’t offer anything new but does a good wrap-up of IoT success factors that will help decision makers understand how many moving parts are involved in an IoT project.

RFID Journal gives several enterprise success stories in Asset Tracking Around the World.

A report on IoT in the energy market predicts spending to reach $33.34 billion by 2024, a CAGR of over 17% per year from 2018’s total of $12.84 billion.

Companies in Spain have adopted IoT in a big way. “90% of users claim they are loyal to IoT,” and momentum keeps growing.

Since we’re talking about global IoT, check out Analytics Insight and its list of Top IoT Companies.

And let’s add this bit for our European integrators: MultiTech MutliConnect rCell router and Dragonfly embedded modem are now available with LTE Category 4.

CNN Business has a nice article about the development of Level Lock and how it works with Walmart to let delivery people put groceries inside your fridge (if you allow that, of course). Doesn’t have to be a smart fridge, but it couldn’t hurt.

Australian integrators will be interested to know how Telstra has approved Beam Communications’ 4G IoT router. Good thing, since 3G will shut down in five years, leaving a million or more devices to be upgraded.

Of course, you need a smart basketball for Christmas. Here’s a list of seven, and one smart hoop.

Appinventiv has a nice overview of IoT in general and the Top 12 IoT Trends for entrepreneurs in 2020.

The Chicco company makes many baby support products, as new parents know. Now they have the Chicco Bebecare Easy-Technology, an IoT device that warns when children have been left in car seats too long. Are there others out there like this?