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ICYMI Through November 16, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 11/23/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

If your NFL team is already under water (sigh), cheer up and focus on the NBA. Trading starts today, so jump on the appropriate Slack channel. Draft day is Wednesday, the preseason starts December 11, and the 72-game season starts December 22. Get all your IoT newsbits below read quickly and slam dunk your draft picks.

A Cisco blog makes the pitch for you to, “Experience the Future with Cisco and the Internet of Things.”

Need a deep dive into IoT and AI and deep learning? This article from MIT should scratch that itch.

Into vehicle and/or asset tracking? The new Maxim Integrated/BTI GPS extends battery life of a 100mAh coin cell up to 13 months.

Industrial IoT adoption faces three major challenges according to

Smart Cities integrators should check out the new Stefanini Group Smart Cities Solution that leverages IoT and AI and more to collect data about utilities allocation, airport operations, and other city processes.

Are you old enough to hear modem sounds in your head when you read the name Multi-Tech? The Minnesota-based company has pivoted to Industrial IoT communications and has now been acquired by SmartWave Technologies. They’re keeping the Multi-Tech name, perhaps as a favor to gray hairs.

Garland Technology and Nozomi Networks teamed up to pull packets from OT networks into security tools like Nozomi’s Guardian. Could be a big deal for utilities, oil and gas facilities, and other infrastructure targets.

Smart agro solutions keep getting smarter, like Lindsay’s FieldNET and Zimmatic. Advanced agronomics and machine health, respectively, combine all types of sensor-information to improve crop and machinery performance.

Allow your Swiss friends to brag a bit about leading the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s (WIPO) Global Innovation Index (GII) for the past 10 years. The public-private Switzerland Innovation group runs five innovation parks in the small country.

Ripl Networks, makers of Tiny-Edge Computing tech, joined the IoT Community.

T-Mobile now carries the new Global Telecom NetStick Ethernet Cradle, an accessory that turns the NetStick mobile hotspot into a hub for hosting a private IoT network.

Security company Otorio released remOT, a remote access solution for supply chain security.

From our friends at

Social distancing makes remote camera feeds more popular than ever. Here’s how to run a “Live Camera Feed Webpage on the Ultra96.”