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ICYMI Through November 15, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 11/24/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

OK, here’s your official warning to do your holiday and end of the year business shopping (for the tax deduction) sooner, much sooner, than later. CNN Business gives us the bad news: Video game consoles will be harder to find this season. Smartphones will also be in short supply, but hey, what real gamer wants to be interrupted while behind enemy lines?

Assess-IoT joined Avnet’s IoTConnect Partner Program to accelerate and scale IoT deployments worldwide. This will give Avnet customers access to Assess-IoT’s senior consulting staff.

AT&T Alien Labs found some new IoT malware written in the open source programming language Golang. More than 30 exploits have been documented, and the targets are routers and IoT devices.

Yes, IoT has a place on trains, according to Railway Technology and an article outlining five interesting IoT uses.

It’s nice to see a smart home customized to support the needs of an Army veteran who lost both legs below the knee to an IED in Iraq.

This week’s consumer security scary story is from MSNBC discussing how the NSA wants to protect you from your toothbrush. At least your IoT-enabled smart toothbrush.

If you plan on shopping for a smart toothbrush, for either spying or hygiene, Newsweek dives into IoT in retail, especially for bottom-line goals like reducing shoplifting.

Information Age provides some of the reasons LoRaWAN is taking over IoT. Or, at least, taking over communications in many situations.

IT Brief in Australia reports on an Oracle study showing that enterprises want IoT, but wish it were easier. Nearly two-thirds would rather get an off-the-shelf IoT solution than a custom-built option. Is it a rite of passage that IoT becomes the subject of build-versus-buy arguments?

IoT helps farmers and fishermen in remote villages in India improve yields through soil monitoring and more. The system relies on NB-IoT, a licensed wireless protocol similar to LoRa and connects to inexpensive mobile phones.

Hate mosquitos? Join the club, and rejoice that Ayla Networks teamed up with Thermacell to provide software for the claimed “first of its kind,” LIV Smart Mosquito Repellent system.

Datamation gathers up five examples of IoT use cases in companies big and small. But wait, there’s more! There’s another article on IoT in transportation, with five more use cases.

From our friends at

Camping can be a wonderful escape from masses of people, but you run the risk of meeting massive wild animals, like bears or Bigfoot. Next trip, take this AI-powered thermal camera and enjoy the knowledge that nothing big is sneaking up on you. At least nothing warm blooded, since it does use thermal imaging.