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ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 11/20/2018
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Counting down the days until you get some time off for Thanksgiving? Those of us in the U.S. are certainly yearning for a break. Even if that means you have to be nice to people you didn’t choose to hang with, as in family. When people start getting fractious and want to talk politics, head them off. Talk about our friends in California facing wildfires north and south, and hold a contest to see whether progressives or conservatives can donate the most to victims of the wildfires.

Markets and money

Another article explaining how much the IoT business helps fleet managers. If you’re looking for IoT customers, every truck that passes by is a potential client.

AT&T’s new Fusion conference combined both direct and indirect channels for the first time. Common to both? Lots of IoT solutions ready to go for AT&T partners.

How are you going to use your time off during the holiday season? How about some hands-on IoT time with the Ultimate Raspberry Pi ebook bundle? If not for you, maybe for someone else in your tech support company.

Yes, the Chinese are big big big into IoT, hence the World Internet of Things Conference in Beijing last month. News today? The release of the WIOTC White Paper listing the top global IoT companies. If some of your partners are on that list, call ’em up and talk some IoT.

Use Amazon Web Services? Doing or thinking about IoT? The two go together pretty well, at least according to Amazon.

Team NEO (Northeast Ohio) keeps beating the IoT drum to help manufacturers in the area. “Northeast Ohio manufacturing could increase dramatically over the next seven years if it embraces the Internet of Things, or IoT.”

Pertinent example: Maxim Integrated Products Inc. released Go-IO, a board half the size of a credit card that holds 17 configurable IO’s.

Security of course

Security is always an IoT consideration. tells us about an IEEE security solution for IoT protection that exploits edge computing.

Did you know some people tagged the new California IoT security law (SB 327) the “Teddy Bear and Toasters Act” early on? A lawyer explains how this new law will become the de facto national standard for IoT manufacturers.

Security expert Bruce Schneier warns CNN readers about IoT and discusses the California SB 327 law.

Engineering experts discuss whether to retrofit legacy manufacturing equipment with IoT devices to provide the same types of data new machines now deliver by default. There’s a free report to provide all the details.

Going on a cruise this holiday? If so, and it’s on Carnival, you may get an IoT medallion with your digital identity to open doors, charge items automatically, and more.