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ICYMI through Monday, May 27, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 06/04/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Yesterday was Memorial Day in the U. S., and a good chance for everyone to remember those who came before and reflect on their sacrifice. It was also a free Monday for most people, and the unofficial kick-off of the summer season as the weather is warm most places, although not at Mammoth Mountain resort, which has enough May snowfall to thrill skiers and snowboarders through August. Look for some sunburned co-workers this week and wonder why nobody has an IoT wearable that tracks sun exposure with settings for dark, medium, light, and Casper skin tones.


Interested in the residential IoT market? Then you should read the Parks Associates new white paper, “Open for Business: Future Flexibility for Smart Home Services.” Sales will exceed 520 million units by 2022, powered partly by turnkey solutions. DIY plans lead in video verification, independent living assistants, and smart tag tracking, but professional help leads in cybersecurity and vehicle monitoring.

Interested in enterprise IoT? Then "IoT in the Enterprise: An analysis of traffic and threats" by Zscalar may be more your style. Sadly, far too many devices still use plain-text communications for critical functions such as authentication and updates.

Interested in developing an IoT product of your own, or offering your design, manufacturing, or integration services to those who are? Check out the new Breadware Marketplace. Based in Reno, Nev., Breadware offers every service needed by a company in the IoT space, many from registered partners in the marketplace.

Smart world

A batch of big companies (Port of Rotterdam Authority, IBM, Cisco, Intel, and many more) designed and built a "smart container" and are sending the first one around the world as a test. It tracks vibration, slope, position, sound, local air pollution, humidity, and temperature. Equipped with solar panels and communications equipment, smart containers like this could give the exact locations of toys not reaching your children in time for Christmas.

Really smart? Sending a smart container to a smart warehouse. That's what Northrop Grumman thinks, anyway. Obligatory photo of a drone with a package.

RFID Journal believes radio frequency ID tags are as important as computers.

Speaking of smart things, the Middle East has some serious plans for smart cities.

One expects smart buildings in smart cities, and the Alphabet (Google) subsidiary Sidewalk Labs predicts the first buildings in the Toronto waterfront test locale should be online in 2023.

Can IoT fix stupid? Nearly a quarter of heart attack patients don't fill their prescriptions within seven days of getting out of the hospital. Medical wearables may smarten these folks up by providing information to doctors before it's too late.

Here's one roundup of the "Top 10 Internet of Things Future Applications." Smart farming? Agree. A smarter glass to make sure you drink enough water? Umm…

If you were a fan of the Little Printer, you'll be happy to hear Nord Projects of London revived the oh-so-cute receipt printer from its too-early 2014 demise. IOS app ready now.

From our friends at

One smart building advantage is constant monitoring of indoor air quality. Build a monitor yourself and make your office smarter than the average bear, er, building.