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ICYMI Through Monday, January 14, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 01/22/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Grindstone and nose should be in tight proximity since we’ve had a full week of non-holiday time. Our hope now is a) enjoying the “crazy product” stories from CES, and b) counting down the days to the next holiday day off, which is next week for a few people and seemingly forever for everyone else. If you’re out of the snow-bound areas today, count yourself lucky. If you’re stuck in a snow bank, use your free time to catch up on all this IoT news.

Most everything

Rein yourselves in, 5G fanatics waiting breathlessly for faster speeds. Fortune Magazine points out the government shutdown could slow the 5G roll.

IoT devices needing FCC approval face the same problem: FCC’s funds ran out and the agency is mostly closed.

But Motley Fool says 5G won’t matter for at least another year, anyway. Focus here is on smartphones, not other networking, like for IoT.

Forbes Magazine outlines ways to find and keep people to help your digital transformation. Yes, “digital transformation” is an expensive consultant word for “IoT” in many cases.

Probably the leading smart home solutions provider in China, Argrace, presented at CES for the first time this year. The company claims compatibility with all the basic IoT and smart home protocols. Could be the first step in moving outside of China.

Work with city governments? Read here about “Smart Fire Engines to the Rescue“ and see if IoT can help your local first responders.

Work with any education clients? The K-12 world is getting into IoT now. If you don’t do education, will an IoT in education market size of $11.3 billion in 2023 convince you to reconsider?

How tasty is IoT? Real tasty as food manufacturers focus on industrial IoT in four areas: food safety, product quality, packaging, and personnel.

Feeling hands on? Read about the new FRIDAY OS built for IoT and check out the Kickstarter.

Security and lawyers and priests

This week’s obligatory “IoT security from a non-tech source” comes from Venture Beat and focuses on botnet attacks.

You know a market is growing and has moolah floating around when lawyers start talking about IoT cyber risks.

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church tagged IoT, the Internet, and smartphones as tools of the Antichrist. Admit it, you’re not that surprised.