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ICYMI through Monday, April 6, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 04/09/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

One complaint from tech folks is that they never have enough time to research new products and technologies because they’re always running here and yon. Now that “here” means home and “yon” means “next month,” this could be a good time to dig into the hands-on IoT projects offered by our friends over at After you catch up on some newsbits that snuck by, of course.

NXP Semiconductors expanded its partnership with Microsoft to ease integration with the new Microsoft Azure Real Time Operating System (RTOS). Many of NXP’s chips include the support already.

The Amazon Dash button to reorder items with a single press of a single use button didn’t gain much traction. Laundry soap resupply isn’t usually a critical item, and that’s how the Dash was marketed. If you have better ideas (we’re sure you do) but need that one-button interface, Seeed Studio is bringing it back. The Seeed IoT Button for AWS deploys the AWS IoT 1-Click service.

Need a new IoT security headache to ponder at 3a.m.? How about “Securing the Internet of Things in a Quantum World,” from EE Times.

To keep you awake at 4a.m., try this article on Russian Security Hacking of the IoT.

Automation World discusses the sea change of turning traditional wired sensors and switches used today into smarter Industrial IoT devices. Hint: edge computing and SCADA.

MerionWest has a good 5G explainer you might add to your list of education materials for new customers. It rightly names 2021 as the year when things will actually start happening in 5G for everyone except super early adopters in big cities.

In this work-at-home age, some are calling for ISPs to help with IoT security. DOS attacks are an issue that need to be addressed quickly.

Wi-Fi 6E should become official this month if the scheduled FCC vote on April 23 occurs as scheduled. Using the 6 GHz band to avoid the overcrowded 2.4 GHZ range is just one of many advantages.

Occupational Health & Safety offers nice information on using the Industrial IoT to create a safer workplace. Sensors in hard hats, for instance, and tracking forklifts to avoid one of the nearly 100,000 workers hurt by forklifts each year.

In some timely news, the Internet of Things Consortium added Health and Wellness as one of its five core verticals powering IoT growth and adoption.

It’s not too late to have your IoT Day (April 9) gifts drop shipped to your loved ones. The parties will not be in the real world this year, alas, but on screens. Example: the San Francisco IoT Meetup group.

RFID Journal wants the IoT to become the Internet of Innovation. We prefer Internet of Data Gathering Devices, but IoDGD lacks any pizzazz whatsoever. Male parents, of course, prefer Internet of Data Acquisition Devices, or IoDAD.

From our friends at

If you have customers obsessed with tracking confirmed cases of COVID-19, this Desktop COVID-19 Tracker with Clock will be welcomed. Once this mess is all over, you can track more fun things.