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ICYMI Through Monday, April 29, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 05/06/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

‘Twas a sad weekend for fans of Westeros and the Marvel Comics Universe. Turns out, when you fight an army of re-animated dead soldiers, and the Night King can raise them up again after you kill them, casualties abound. And in superhero world, The Avengers (spoiler alert) will have a funeral or two on the calendar. Just remember all these losses are fictional, but the IoT news we missed this week was real. Let’s catch up.

Security in front

Krebs on Security suggests you check your IoT devices, particularly cameras, for a security flaw in the iLnkP2P software.

If you are in the home security business, Napco iSecure just released an affordable home automation systems with a SHaaS (Smart Home as a Service) cloud option.

Do you worry about security and privacy with smart speakers? That goes double for the new smart speaker Chatterbox, aimed at kids, but the company swears privacy comes first. On Kickstarter now.

Happier IoT news

RFID Journal includes a nice overview of evolving standards in “IoT Standards: The End Game.” Title sounds like one of the big fictional events this weekend, doesn’t it? But it looks at the problem with every new technology: figuring out which standards work best for your projects. Short answer: the one that helps you make money.

Young’uns may not remember that Utah, especially the Provo area, used to be a hot tech spot, thanks to Novell NetWare and a bunch of supporting firms. Seems smart people are still in the area. Vivint Smart Home automation specialists earned 74 patents in 2018. First time in a decade the University of Utah wasn’t the big winner (60 patents last year).

Think 5G and millimeter wavelengths at Gigahertz speeds are the end all and be all? IEEE Spectrum says, “Terahertz Waves Could Push 5G to 6G.” Is the domain taken? Of course, but not with networking.

Still waiting for 5G? Most are, but Verizon just named 20 more U.S. cities getting its 5G Ultra Wideband network this year.

Sorry I missed the Smart to Future Cities event in London recently (yo, boss, about that travel budget… ). One important discussion? “Think bigger: How to scale smart city pilots. Turns out there’s lots of help needed.

When you heard that integrators should dig deep into the Industrial IoT, did you think they meant mining? The market for IIoT in mining between 2016-2025 could reach nearly $800 billion.

Chips help make the party and the IoT market. Samsung raises the IoT chip stakes with a $116 billion investment to compete with Qualcomm and Intel in IoT and other things.

From our friends at

Olive – Your Animatronic Home Assistant. Another Raspberry Pi project.