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ICYMI Through May 9, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 05/23/2022
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Underdogs fighting long odds don’t win except in movies, of course, but it happened last Saturday in the Kentucky Derby, Rich Strike, the lowest-rated horse in the field according to the betting odds, was the exception proving the rule. Officially 80-1 to win, odds of 300-1 last March turned pipe dreams into dollars. The sports books lost, because lots of people like to throw in $25 or $50 on the longest-odds horse. But nobody’s betting against these winning newsbits, so enjoy.

European carrier Orange outlines ways to improve IoT security from design to operation. Claims 10% of all cyber threats now target IoT.

Ericsson has a look at how IoT in the supply chain helps manufacturers. Is everything logistics today?

Applied Magix, a subsidiary of SPYR Technologies, offers up its MagixLux LED line of smart lighting products that work with HomeKit from Apple.

Parks Associates dives into smart buildings and goes one step further by defining smart spaces.

Lots of smart buildings makes for a smart city, and Smart Cities World outlines some new connectivity trends with low-power, long-range wireless networks for same.

As IoT moves into the modern laboratory, AZO Sensors discusses ways smart sensors will improve smart labs.

Security remains an issue in every direction. Security Boulevard offers “5 Top IoT Security Challenges and Solutions.”

ZDNet drills down into a C language library hole from 10 years ago still open to DNS cache-poisoning attacks on many popular IoT devices.

RFID Journal piles on the security warnings looking at some recent news reports on IoT security mistakes.

Using IoT in hospitals to track assets isn’t new, but in Singapore, the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital uses Zigbee to track and retrieve wandering wheelchairs across the campus rather than Wi-Fi.

The LoRa Alliance says public LoRaWAN networks have grown 66% globally over the past three years.

If you love IoT and crypto, you can mash the two, as these three IoT-crypto projects attempt to prove.

The China Daily describes how 60% of Chinese enterprises will embrace digitalization by 2025, relying heavily on IoT to accomplish that goal.

Modern TV viewing often means keeping three or four remotes close. Smart home owners, tired of a similar situation, yearn for a “Unified Control Experience,” for their smart homes. This is based on 10,000 U.S. households with security systems surveyed by Parks Associates.

The boffins at the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Internet Technologies developed a smart, self-powered IoT screw that sends alerts when it gets loose.

New Equipment Digest has a fun slideshow on the future of Industrial IoT. Some parts are here already, at least a bit.

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GPS trackers aren’t new (hello, Apple AirTags) but this one offers more customization, and the ability for your child to press a button that sends an SMS messages with location coordinates, so you can retrieve your wandering offspring.