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ICYMI through May 6, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 05/13/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Did last week seem like a rehash of the week before? Basketball playoffs, every good seat in every good movie theater full of Avengers fans, and on Game of Thrones (spoiler alert!) there was drinking and betrayal and death. And, no spoiler alert, “randy” behavior (for our British readers). But the news is new, and we missed some, so prepare for battle, er, updates.

What people believe the IoT needs

Is trying to force the issue by saying the Internet of Things needs both 5G AND blockchain to be successful? Smart people like Vint Cerf dismiss blockchain. Would blockchain be enough for me to let my Land Rover (soon as I get one) act as a smart wallet? With the auto industry’s cybersecurity record, no way. If you’re hesitating to dive into IoT, spend your time with data services people before blockchain people. You’ll have much more IoT success sooner.

IEN Europe correctly titles an article “The Internet of Things Starts with a Sensor.” One mentioned use? Making sure a pub’s beer tank has beer. Ah, those Europeans and their . . . sensors.

American Machinist offers up “6 Ways to Protect Your Machine Shop’s Data.” Common sense for any IoT installation, in a machine shop or maybe even a Land Rover.

And we still need more security for smart home devices, according to researchers at North Carolina State University.

According to Government Computer News, IoT execs planning to attend IoT World 2019 are kept up at night with concerns about implementation (34 percent) and security (25 percent). Only 25 percent worried about security? That should be counted as a positive, right?

Pushback: a proposed California bill would prohibit smart speakers from recording without explicit user consent, and people around a middle school in Eugene, Ore. protested against a 5G cell tower they deemed too close to the school.

Positive IoT newsbits

Our investor class readers may appreciate that Motley Fool highlighted Cypress Semiconductor’s IoT chip businesses as one of the key reasons they expect to grow sales from 7 to 9 percent, after listening to its recent earnings call.

Google and Amazon may have a lead in the smart home market, but Samsung has cards to play. Most notably, it’s construction arm, Samsung C&T Corp. What better way to push your smart home products than building them into the home as you go? (Bloomberg has a paywall after 10 free articles per month).

Finally, a critical need that IoT can solve: running out of coffee. The Hamilton Beach 49968 FlexBrew Connected Coffee maker integrates Amazon Dash Replenishment so your coffee maker can order more coffee pods before you run out.

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Spring means sunshine, and that means going outside more often. Do you worry about charging your phone or other critical electronic gear while enjoying the world beyond a computer screen? Fear no more, thanks to the Solar Bowler. Yep, a hat that charges your phone.