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ICYMI Through May 4, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 05/11/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Nice to distract ourselves with some silly, “May the Fourth Be With You,” jokes, but cheap entertainment becomes gold after enough time in virus jail. On the other hand, hard-core fans who rewatch Star Wars movies on 5/4 each year may not have to call in sick this time. And whether we agree on whether Han shot first (poor Greedo), we can all agree we missed some IoT newsbits, so let’s catch up.

All too soon the “hot enough for ya?” jokers will start back up. Luckily for us, Microsoft’s Channel 9 shows us about “Azure Maps Weather Services for Developers.”

Now that some areas are opening up a little, you might be wondering how you can help your clients. Good thing the IoT Playbook podcast on, “How Integrators Can Help Clients Reopen After the COVID Shutdown,” just went live.

The IoT Consortium added Connected Health and Wellness to its list of key vertical areas for IoT focus. Anyone taking bets on how soon connected thermometers will be mandatory in some locations? Maybe 100.4 degrees will be the new scarlet letter.

Industrial IoT players may already know this, but IoT is helping make pneumatic systems safer. System flow sensors and cylinder positions sensors are favorite design options now.

Speaking of IIoT, the Harvard Data Science Review has a lot to say about, “Data Science in Heavy Industry and the Internet of Things.”

Senet keeps building smart meter networks for water utilities across the country. Over the past two years, Senet added LoRaWAN networks to support water monitoring for millions of households. We’re distracted now, but droughts still abound in many parts of the country, so water management matters.

Those in asset management or logistics might like to check out the new Tracking System from Particle. Built on its existing IoT platform including cloud management software.

More sensors in more places is a good thing for IoT projects. One example? The new 8-in-1 sensor from L and M Instruments that monitors a variety of details about the spectrum between 350 and 800 nanometers.

Even small sensors need power. How about a small biosolar cell that generates power from both photosynthesis and metabolic cell respiration? Binghamton University in New York is working on that.

Withings, the maker of internet-connected scales and other devices, checked results from some of their 450,000 American users between March 22 and April 18. That quarantine 15 pounds people worried about? Nope. Only 37% gained more than a pound. Americans typically gain one to two pounds a year.

Here’s what happens when a bored IoT guy picks up his electric toothbrush and wishes he could turn out the lights. Way to go, Ian (@imduffy15).

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At home and bored? Make this cool Matrix Shelly Thermostat.