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ICYMI Through May 25, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 06/01/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Thunderstorms from South Texas to the Great Lakes are blowing us from spring to the unofficial start of summer. Let’s hope the weather on Wednesday doesn’t cause a problem for the first manned space launch from U.S. soil in almost a decade (the last shuttle flight was in 2011). While waiting for the countdown, catch up on some of these fun IoT newsbits that flew by recently.

Want to keep up with Azure IoT application advances? Perhaps the new Azure IoT Develop Specialty Certification is for you. Check out the Channel9 video introduction.

Microsoft and Sony Semiconductor Solutions announced a partnership to make AI-powered smart cameras and video analytics easier to deploy and access. Aimed at enterprise installations, but somebody must install them.

We’ve mentioned the folks at RIoT (a Raleigh, N.C. IoT accelerator) several times. If you want to keep up, they’ve announced a series of Microsoft Teams live events with various RIoT speakers.

Want to catch up with what one company is doing with IoT to monitor and forecast local weather? Here’s a nine-minute video that will cover some of the new projects.

HMS Networks (no doubt led by a modern Major General) released Anybus Com-pactCom IIoT secure products. Connections not over a wireless protocol but our old friend Ethernet. The more things change . . .

If you need someone, or something, to talk to, Google Assistant can now control freezers and air coolers. Say hello for us.

And another company has a clip-on device to help regulate social distancing in the workplace. Can you get a model that helps you avoid that one guy who talks about his “genius” dog all the time?

Not that it matters much during our virus “vacation” but 88% of homes with security systems can be controlled via app, laptop, tablet, and other smart devices. When you can go somewhere again, at least you can arm your security system remotely.

If you’re in the hospitality market, the new EnseoCONNECT is touted as a truly universal mobile remote for hotel guests to control their smart room. Works with Enseo’s Fido IoT room control solution.

In a related note, CyberLink Partners teamed up with Advantech to create FaceMe facial recognition for retail, hospitality, and security AI-enabled IoT facial recognition apps.

Believe it or not, many prescriptions are still called into pharmacies verbally or via fax. DrFirst just won the MedTech Breakthrough Award for putting that prescription power in doctor’s smartphones.

Cars are full of IoT devices, which you know. CBT Automotive Network covers a variety of new IoT-auto developments. Worst idea? In-car advertising based on sensor data (Time for an oil change at Big Als!).

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Want to make your own facial recognition system? Try “Face Detection with OpenVINO on Raspberry Pi.