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ICYMI Through May 23, 2022

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 05/31/2022
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

There are heat warnings in the Northeast yet nearly two feet of snow fell on parts of Colorado this weekend, and tornadoes wandered as far north as Michigan. The only relief? Time to watch the 1982 cult film, Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance, because any day now things might get stranger. But these balanced newstips are another good antidote, so enjoy.

MachineQ from Comcast pulled the curtain on a new real-time location tracking system (RTLS) using LoRaWAN and BLE.               

In a week, lots of EuroTechs will gather at Hannover Messe (5/30-6/2) with plenty of IoT on display, as well as improvements in 5G to support IoT projects.
Speaking of Europe, the French company Corus SAS joined the Alliance of Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI).

Over in Singapore, the About Insider site discussed how IoT has shaped the country and beyond.

In Korea, Carrot (Carrot General Insurance) and Luxboro  partnered to operate Lucky Box Solutions to deliver optimized IoT systems as part of the InsurTech surge.

In the U.K., British Telecom (BT) is testing a new quantum radio for 5G and IoT networks.

We've never mentioned Trinidad and Tobago, but now's the time because Dr. Vint Cerf spoke to their Chamber of Industry and Commerce annual business meeting about networking, communications, 5G, and satellites.

In a joint release from Germany and France, Favendo, Abeeway, and Actility released a hybrid RTLS product that includes precise indoor tracking.

Network World helps bridge the IT and OT gap by explaining the Network of Things (NoT), which supports IoT without what we normally consider the internet.

Even Database Trends and Applications sites are getting into IoT during their data summit.

Sad to see newsletters on IoT in AgTech now must worry about cybersecurity against strategic hacker targeting.

Here's a nice listicle for you from Read Write on the Top 6 IoT Tools and Platforms to watch out for in 2022.

Developers looking for a full IoT stack might like this article on Samsara and their new offering.

One of our favorite legal issue sources discusses how IoT and 5G fall under new regulations and security concerns.

Is it time for MSPs to offer home services? One research study found that demand for "smart home repair service" will grow 11% per year, so maybe the answer is yes.

Here’s an update on the work being done by our friends at RIoT in Raleigh, N.C., and the spread of IoT.

IoT can replace your tape measure, and the tech is getting deeper and deeper into measuring all sorts of other things and digitizing metrology.

From our friends at

If you ship more than just a few items, you always want a better way to track shipments. Use IoT and TinyML to develop Smart Shipment and you'll know where everything is everywhere it is.