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ICYMI Through May 17, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 05/24/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

The "State Farm Play-In Tournament" experiment starts Tuesday and finishes on Friday, May 21. If your significant other is tired of basketball already, they will beg for release after four consecutive nights of games to cut four wannabe playoff teams in each conference down to two teams. Friday night each conference will be down to eight teams, and the playoffs start the next day, Saturday, May 22, and run for a full month. Might be time for a second TV for your significant other's sanity.

One can easily make the case that the oil-rich countries in the Middle East lead in smart city experiments, all relying on IoT baked-in from the design phase.

COVID-19 vaccines that need constant refrigeration rely on a variety of IoT tools from location tracking to temperature monitoring. Next, IoT may put the bandage on your arm.

Speaking of the medical biz, Frost & Sullivan outlines multiple ways 5G, IoT, and smartphones will expand medical testing and diagnostics.

Another interesting IoT success story, this time from Inside Self-Storage. Big advantage? Easier to lockout customers behind on their fees. But will unlocking a Bluetooth lock be as dramatic on TV as using giant bolt cutters?

Investors might like to hear Nasdaq tagged that Synaptics should move up strongly, partly due to 45% of its revenue coming from IoT last quarter.

IF you have any open space on a bookshelf (lucky you), some of these IoT books tagged by Solutions Review might help solve that problem.

Link Labs offers a good look at Apple's new AirTags in a corporate blog, not an unbiased review.

Jeeva takes the next step in low-power wireless IoT chips, this one reflecting RF from a nearby wireless router to use the least amount of power possible.

More discussion of how AI + IoT = AIoT will improve manufacturing, among many other areas.

And look, here's Zyter Smart Factories announced to help those manufacturing companies do more for less money with IoT.

The Netherlands keeps expanding IoT and LoRaWAN applications, this time as IoT player SkyLab creates open networks for ports and other companies.

From our friends at

Real-time face recognition on Ultra96-V2. Also sets up a multitask pipeline that supports other applications.