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ICYMI Through May 14, 2018

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 05/14/2018
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Microsoft made IoT news, as did Africa, Comcast, and even Nokia (yeah, those phone guys from back in the day). Catch up with us and start tracking some of your favorite IoT news. If you have something we should know about, send a note to

Can’t pass up this name: Internet of Things Inc. (Toronto) is a “strategic investor in growth-ready companies with innovative technology solutions.” The firm just acquired 100 percent of Weather Telematics Inc., of Ontario.  There’s a lot of weather in Canada to watch, and IoT can help watch it.

Microsoft released a batch of IoT news at its Build conference last week. Catch the Azure IoT Edge video here.

Like to count your chickens before they hatch? Enjoy this article describing how IoT will attract investments of $15 trillion (with a “t”) by 2025. Don’t miss that train.

For a British tech slant on IoT security, check out “Safer Connection: Reducing the Security Risks of the Internet of Things.” We know they’re British because they use the word “whilst” as in “engineers remotely hacked into a Jeep whilst it was driving.”

Maybe some hope? Xage Security’s press release claims to protect industrial IoT from zero-day malware attacks. We’ll keep an eye on this.

Who knew Africa had a thriving IoT scene? Now you can sign up and get a Ph.D. in IoT from the University of Rwanda—College of Science and Technology in Kigali, Rwanda.

Curious about the Arduino hardware that powers so many IoT projects? EE Times gathers up some stories for Arduino Day, 2018.

It appears New York City has updated its “Guidelines for the Internet of Things.” More than 35 cities across 11 countries are working with this NYC effort. Now if they can just get a video of a NYC rat dragging an IoT device rather than pizza, the viral explosion will really help the cause.

Comcast has switched on its LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Networks) powered machine IoT network in San Francisco.

Scientific American doesn’t trust IoT toys for young children.

Financial experts, like those at Born2Invest, believe the IoT is changing things for the better in the manufacturing industry.

Nokia acquired SpaceTime Insight of San Mateo, Calif. Espoo, Finland-based Nokia hopes to boost its IoT business with SpaceTime’s data visualization and analytics software expertise. SpaceTime raised more than $50 million since it began in 2007. Financial details of the acquisition weren’t disclosed.