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ICYMI Through May 13, 2019

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 05/20/2019
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Another week, another couple of odd endings. Last minute NBA heroics keep Toronto in the playoffs. In a more fictional realm, but painfully real to 12.5 million people glued to screens on Sunday night, Game of Thrones saw Daenerys and friends practicing a unique brand of urban renewal (spoiler alert). Episodes this season are averaging 43 million total viewers with streaming etc. In all the excitement, some IoT newsbits snuck by, so let’s catch up.

Interesting IoT projects

Like green IoT, and using IoT to be more sustainable? Might be time to visit the Georgia Tech Research Institute in Atlanta for the international conference on the Internet of Things and sustainability on July 18.

Stereotype alert: Japanese culture is obsessed with gadgets and high-tech toilets. Case in point? “Restrooms for Universal Use: The Real Future of IoT?” from Time to partner with some plumbers?

If you prefer, your Japanese IoT news can be about a new umbrella-sharing service using IoT to track said bumbershoots.

Need to track something via IoT but don’t want to rely on GPS? Polte Corporation in Dallas just launched a beta program for its Cloud Location over Cellular (C-LoC).

Speaking of wireless networks and IoT, Semtech announced two new series of free educational tools to help designers and integrators learn about LoRaWAN. The focus is on IoT devices.

The DogSpot startup uses IoT to allow access to high-tech, climate controlled dog houses outside businesses that don’t allow our furry friends inside.

Markets and more

A few examples of the IoMT – Internet of Medical Things. It will be amazing if we get our insurance to pay for IoT. But remote monitoring of vital signs, just one example, can save money. And, oh yes, people.

Reasons abound why IIoT remains the hottest, or at least most lucrative, specialization in IoT today. Automation World calls it “The Great Enabler.”

Frost & Sullivan evaluated 1,000 IoT platforms, identified 400 with serious capabilities, and then named the 29 set to be big players by 2024. The Global Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Markets, 2019 is free to download with registration.

Of course there’s an ETF for investors focusing on IoT: Global X Internet of Things ETF (SNSR). Will some reader also in the investor class let us know what other funds are out there?

The U.K. government recently announced an invitation to take part in developing proposals for the regulation of IoT.

Amazon updated its “Routines” to automate actions Alexa can take, including controlling other devices in the home. For instance, monitor Cloud Cam or Logitech smart cameras to start a routine if a person comes into view.

Google will capture an almost equal share of the global home speaker market, catching up from a late start, sometime later this year.

Microsoft’s Channel 9 has an Introduction to IoT Plug and Play.


What’s more fun than a drone? A drone that sees in infrared! OK, “thermal vision.”