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ICYMI Through May 10, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 05/17/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

It’s spring, so the Southeast will receive a steady diet of thunderstorms that often spawn tornadoes. Everyone in Texas east through the Carolinas grab your umbrellas. Want bigger weather? The first named storm of the season showed up west of North America rather than the more typical Atlantic storms. Great, now they’re sneaking up on us, just like these clever girl newsbits.

Google and Siemens are working together for IIoT enterprise projects.

Another IoT partnership is in India, where Reliance Jio rolled out its first commercial Narrow Band-Internet of Things (NB-IoT) service to connect Tata Power-DDL’s smart meters. Samsung helped too.

A Mastercard EVP tells how artificial intelligence will be the key in managing the data deluge from payment endpoints and other IoT devices. First goal: Thwarting cyberfraud.

Chinese retailers look to add more tech to keep brick and mortars viable, including service robots and other IoT-enabled tools.

Who else do IoT and edge devices benefit? Enterprise storage vendors, of course, as they revamp infrastructure yet again to support more and more data.

This week’s security screed is from Mr. Scammer warning AARP-type readers about IoT devices. Useless advice includes questioning your pink-cheeked salesperson at the big box store selling IoT-enabled smart home devices.

Verizon Business claims its IoT coverage has expanded to 170 countries, thanks primarily to eSIM.

Trend Micro rolled out its first operational technology security solution for smart factories. Developed with TXOne Networks, the TXOne StellarProtect protects all endpoints, regardless of environmental conditions.

Need a global IoT network? The new Semtech and EchoStar Mobile Satellite IoT connectivity service could meet your requirements.

Here’s a nice idea from our Aussie friends, as Lake Macquarie City in NSW rolled out a free-to-use public IoT network. Put your own sensors on the net and ride the free bandwidth for your data collection.

The Telit FN980 5G module is certified for use on AT&T’s 5G networks.

Everactive has a new generation of its Steam Trap Monitoring system that still gathers energy from the monitored steam systems, so you’ll never have to carry a bag of batteries while following steam pipes to resurrect your IoT sensors.

If that newsbit hits close to home, the word from SC Media about the SCADAfence security platform should also be useful.

Here’s more help for smart cities, especially in Canada, with the partnering of eleven-x and Metercor, a meeting of Wireless IoT and smart city solutions and a leading in metering and utilities.

If you’re deep in the 5G spectrum business, “What’s New in 5G,” from National Law Review digs even deeper.

From our friends at

While it’s raining, might as well build your own Lego car with obstacle avoidance thanks to Azure.