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ICYMI through March 9, 2020

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 03/18/2020
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Since Daylight Savings Time sprang forward and ruined our Sunday, we know spring is close (10 days). And spring break, or “SPRING BREAK WOOO!” if you’re young, happens this month as well. Try to relax and enjoy the anticipation of spring, warmer weather, and mosquitos.

Microsoft Azure IoT and Cisco IoT ramped up their partnership. Now the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub solution has pre-integrated Cisco Edge gateway and other edge device details.

Google and AT&T also tightened their working arrangement to make sure the Google Global Mobile Edge Cloud (GMEC) is ready to work with a portfolio of 5G edge systems on AT&T. Aimed at a variety of industries like retail, manufacturing, and transportation.

IoT fans are used to security complaints, but certain seasons amp up everything. Now The Conversation says that “Internet of Things could be an unseen threat to elections.” Not by attacking voting machines directly, but by disrupting life in general. Although the Iowa Caucus App certainly deserves a special Shame On You Award.

RFID Journal has a nice article about the IoT providing “High-Value Asset Tracking” to mitigate risk of loss. Not for your housekeys, but for manufacturers and the like. RFID tags passively track individual assets, but the IoT can actively track assets globally via GPS and can group suites of assets and materials.

A smart city project in Slough, U.K., adds a new trick to IoT: tracking an urban forest. Along with environmental data, IoT info will track tree-friendly data like soil moisture and sap flow.

If smart trees are helpful, the “Hyperconnected City” should be a fertile market for IoT vendors or all types.

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers outlines for members how IoT will materially impact them and their organizations.

Device manufacturers with security awareness might check out the new Silicon Labs Secure Vault, a suite of state-of-the-art security features like a Secure Device Identity certificate, Advanced Tamper Protection, and Secure Key Management and Storage.

If you’re near Albany, N.Y., you might drop by the Aspire Technology Demonstration Center. It’s the new hub for IoT technology in the area. The center will also set up classes at the Capital South Campus Center.

If you’re closer to Helsinki, drop in on the Elisa 5G Showroom and check out a total of nine 5G solutions and services, most of which enable IoT to do some fun tricks.

The Association for Computing Machinery published the first issue of ACM Transactions on Internet of Things (TIoT). Watch for leading-edge news on topics like low-power wireless networking, embedded systems, cloud edge computing, and more.

Lexology explains some of the new IoT security regulations coming this year in England and Europe.

Speaking of places that aren’t the U.S., here’s an update on some of the new IoT AgTech projects underway in Australia.

Senet expands its LoRaWAN business reach with a go-to-market partnership with T-Systems, North America (TSNA), a large independent provider of integrated solutions for business customers. Real-time data and networking for security, CO2 and water leak detection, irrigation control, and more.

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What’s more fun than IoT? IoT on drones, of course. Containment Sentinel: Fight Fire with Flyers #1 steps you through building an autonomous drone that locates hot spots caused by small fires so you can keep them from becoming big fires.