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ICYMI Through March 29, 2021

Added to IoTplaybook or last updated on: 04/05/2021
ICYMI through November 12, 2018

Hooray! The longest episode of cargo ship constipation has ended! The “Ever Given” clogged up the Suez Canal worse than a steady diet of chunky cheeses, gummy white bread, and super glue. Shipping experts credit tugboats and hard work, but trucks from MiraLAX and Dulcolax were reported in the area. Lucky for us, there’s never a delay in IoT newsbits, so enjoy.

Channel 9 from Microsoft has a new video on how you can update disconnected IoT devices.

Smart lighting became the early adopter IoT project of choice for commercial buildings. While pretty much everything that plugs in needs a UL listing before being sold, the first commercial lighting company to achieve the UL IoT Security Rating is Avi-on Labs of Park City, Utah.

Commercial aviation techs are looking to IoT to help track flight data, engine status, handled baggage, and even passenger navigation inside airports. Storage vendors take note: each flight generates north of a half terabyte of data.

Scotland gets it, with multiple government sponsored or supported IoT projects. Scottish councils now have access to IoT Accelerator Packs of sensors and back-end services to deploy selected IoT solutions.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., politicians are reintroducing the Cyber Shield Act to improve cybersecurity for IoT devices, after failed attempts to pass the law in 2017 and 2019.

Forbes loves the tech, but thinks the IoT name should fade away for the same reason cars no longer advertise “round wheels.” IoT means networked, and everything is networked now.

Wonder who the new company Telenor IoT is? A portfolio reorg of the various IoT products and services from Norwegian telecom company Telenor ASA.

eleTimes offers an overview of some ways IoT improves manufacturing efficiency.

Researchers continue to find better ways to power IoT devices than batteries that must be replaced. Georgia Institute of Technology boffins are leveraging the 5G network to power an antenna system capable of millimeter-wave harvesting for IoT sensors in the 28 GHz band.

Handling IoT device generated data slows down many, but SAP now offers a No-Code IoT interface for SAP IoT services.

Cows down under are getting smarter, or at least their IoT ear tags are, allowing farmers to track livestock with Inmarsat.

Staying with the space theme, Australian mini-satellite company Myriota will use its seventh bread loaf-sized satellite to enter the American market.

Manufacturing Business Technology looks at whether blockchain helps IoT or not. Separately, people in the pipeline business believe IoT and blockchain will help.

Smart home players might check out the new Qorvo QPG6100 smart home communications controller.

No pressure, but the World Economic Forum wants to use IoT to help tackle climate change and more.

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A TinyML device you can build predicts Atrial fibrillation and more heart issues with greater than 90% reliability.